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Aug 12, 2010 08:23 AM

Best Food Markets in the Strip?


We've recently relocated to Pittsburgh and we love going food shopping down in the Strip. My question is really whether people have preferences for one market over another for the same stuff? Like: Wholey's vs. Benkovitz? Or which Asian market is the best? Or are they just better for different types of foods?

Also, very much looking forward to the opening of the Public Market in a few weeks!

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  1. They are all different and I guess everyone has their own preference. For example, I love Benkovitz for their quality, but for some reason I always go to Wholeys. I really love the vibe! My favorite market overall is Pennsylvania Mac. but as you might guess, I lean toward the quirky places!

    1. While you're waiting for the Public Market to open, don't forget Farmers@Firehouse on Saturday mornings. Best farmer's market in the city.

      1. I love Pittsburgh Fish Market!! Super fresh product and the fishmongers really know their stuff and offer advice on how to prepare different items. You can also eat there--sandwiches and sushi.

        1. The best Asian market is Lotus Foods which is right next to Wholey's. I love Penn Mac and Wholey's as well. They're my "go to" places in the Strip.

          1. I really like Strip District Meats, they make their own sausages and have excellent chorizo (when they decide to make it). Parma sausage is another really good place as is Penzey's spices. Penn Ave. Fish Co. has the best fish, but it's also very expensive. I usually end up buying fish at Wholey's. I always buy chips and fresh made tortillas from Reyna Foods.

            I've always found it ironic that you cannot find good produce in the Strip! The stuff I've bought from Lotus goes bad quick, Stans is a joke, everything there seems a day away from the trash. Wholeys and Penn Mac have tiny selections, and the new organic place isn't that great either.

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              "Everything" at Stan's? While I'm with you on most leafy things and any tropical fruits, if you're cooking with a lot of peppers, squash, eggplants, Stan's prices are good. Have yet to find anyplace that beats Stan's for poblanos or other hot peppers. And those items are not a day from the trash.

              1. re: Panini Guy

                I quit going to Stan's years ago, i"ll take your word for it on the peppers. I've found the best produce at McGinnis Sisters. Whole Foods has really good produce too, but most of it is pricey.

                1. re: Rick

                  i stock up on stan's garlic. good price and usually in better shape than that from sam's or costco. roast a big batch in the oven or on the grill and then freeze it in bags for use as needed.

                  1. re: Rick

                    Have to say I never find much compelling at Stan's either. McGinnis Sisters is really good, though of course not within 10 miles of the Strip. ;-) The local corn they've been getting up at the north store is the best. Whole Foods, apart from a few specials, will almost always be pricey on produce, but they do get in some local stuff in season, and it is good.

                    Best is to get produce at farmers markets in-season (they are all over the city on various days of the week) and off-season, well, move to California. ;-)

                    1. re: CrazyOne

                      McGinnis Sisters has a store on Rt 51 in Brentwood. Smaller than the one in the north...but close to the city!

                      1. re: southburg

                        I'm aware of that one, but I still don't think it's within 10 miles of the Strip! Not that it wouldn't necessarily be worth going because it might be, but I said that because the questions were about the Strip.

                        EDIT: Okay, it's about 7 miles, still takes about 20 minutes. ;-) 51 always takes forever!