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Aug 12, 2010 07:50 AM

"L" restaurant Middlebury, CT

This place used to be Emmanuel's but we recently drove by and it's a different name now. I remember reading awhile back about the change but has anyone been there lately.

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  1. Looks like no ones been yet, but I've got a gift certificate, so should be trying it out soon. Will report back.

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      Well, I finally got around to using the gift certificate I had for L. We went with 2 friends on a Sat. night a few weeks ago. I had been there twice when it was Emmanuel's and had enjoyed it. The interior is still the same - no changes at all that I could see. It's a very nicely decorated room with about 5 booths and approx. 8 tables (if my memory serves). We sat in a large round booth. I felt it was too big for the 4 of us, but that was all that was available. Our server came over quickly and we ordered drinks. I've got a pet peeve that I wish restaurants would type out their "specials", so that you can look at them and think about ordering one of them without having to remember what the server just rattled off. I know you can ask him/her to repeat it - but something in writing I feel is much better. L does not offer that, though. I ordered a salad that had some fruit in it (can't remember exactly what kind) and it was quite tastey (and large). The server actually told us it was very large and would we like a smaller portion. I believe we just got the large portion and shared it. Several of our party ordered the short ribs entree with mashed potatoes and it was DELICIOUS! I had the rest of it for lunch the next day and it was so good even reheated! For dessert, my husband and I shared a dessert that tasted like an Almond Joy and it was very good. We both enjoyed every last bite of it. I thought all-in-all it was a great meal and the service wasn't bad either. One drawback that a lot of restaurants seem to share is the noise level. Considering the room was not full to capacity, it was quite loud, but not unbearable.