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Aug 12, 2010 07:41 AM

London - Set lunch, 1 or 2 star

Im going over to London again in November and have most of the weekend planned already. Im looking for recs for a set lunch, somewhere in the 3-4 course range and preferably 2 star. Good range of wine by the glass is essential, as it is only for one!
Ideally in the Mayfair area, though I know the West End fairly well too.

The menu at Hibiscus looks good, as does L'Autre Pied (though wine selection perhaps a little conservative?)

Any suggestions welcomed!

Edit - French style cooking preferred to Italian/Spanish/British.

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  1. Im going to try Pied a terre tomorrow , ill report back with pics.

    1. And as promised heres the link to the pics

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        I really enjoyed the set lunch at both The Square and The Ledbury recently (sibling restaurants that have each won 2 Michelin stars). Service was solid, atmosphere was great, and food was outstanding. But there are differences: The Square is more corporate and centrally located, while The Ledbury is more upscale chic and farther west.

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          My two favorites in London -- I think the cooking at The Square is a bit more "perfect" but I love the atmosphere (and the chef) at The Ledbury.

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          Certainly looks the part; thanks for the effort of posting it all.
          I shall check out the menu online :) Is this connected with L'Autre Pied at all?

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            L'Autre Pied is the sister restaurant.

        3. We were disappointed with Hibiscus when we went in March. Haven't been to the other restaurants you mentioned though.

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            I notice their online wine list doesn't have prices, are they printed on the hard copies in the restaurant?

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              Yes the wine prices are on the printed list in-house. And I'm with Harters and pj26on Hibiscus, lovely place, good value. Wish it were in NYC. But it couldn't be.

          2. I'd eat at Hibiscus again at the drop of a hat (and will be doing in few weeks)

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              As would I - had a brilliant lunch there a few months ago and would love to go back.