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Aug 12, 2010 07:31 AM

Best lunch/food items at the City Market Downtown

I'm popping by the City Market Downtown on Saturday afternoon when I come into town and was wondering what should I definitely grab to eat while I'm there? It's hard to tell what's really good if you haven't been there before.

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  1. I assume you mean to eat right away? Filistix, Eva Sweet Belgian waffles, Queen of Tarts desserts... Credo Coffee and the Blue Plate are on that street too but are in the buildings.

    (Just a disclaimer - I personally think the Blue Plate is overrated but there are a lot of fans here who love the place and it is very convenient for a sit down brunch when you are strolling the market.)

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      Is Tzin doing brunch this year during the market? Their menu looked interesting last year, this might be an option too,

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        I should have specified too - the Edmonton Market! I forgot they combined the Prairie Provinces.

        Yes, a right away, food thing! I'll be starving and a grab and go would be easiest as I won't have much time that day. Thanks for the recs! Filistix looks really good for a bite to eat. Since I'l be heading to the Blue Pear for dinner and stopping by The Duchess Bake Shop just prior, I don't need a ton of food!