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Aug 12, 2010 06:24 AM

Re: Playa Del Carmen

I'm staying at the Secrets Maroma Beach, PDC in Sept. Can anyone reccommend any good restaurants nearby to go to, as I won't have a car.

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  1. The 2 Maromas are of course the high end resorts in the MexRiv, so don't discount the restos on the beautiful grounds there.
    They have van service to PDC, check the details and see how convenient it is or isn't. If you end up using taxis it would be to get to a special place in town. Top 5 are Cocina 38, Negrosal, Wicky's, John Grey's kitchen, and Yaxche. Only Yaxche is Mexican /Mayan.
    If you want anything in particular or authentic, shout back.

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      Thank you for your suggestions, they're very useful. Hope the Maroma lives up to the reputation it's meant to have!

    2. Take a taxi to the Pavo Real it is probably 10 min from Secrets Maroma. It is not on the sea, but it is the best kept secret in my opinion. 5 star cuisine, live music in the evenings. I love it there. It has an old school caribbean feel to it.