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Aug 12, 2010 05:00 AM

Cookie Sheets Online

So I need to replace my poor cookie sheet which is rusting. I want to buy two good-quality cookie sheets to replace this one but I don't know which brand/site to get it from. I live in a small town so online will be the best option.

So far the one i see the most is Chicago metallic but if there are alternative brands that are better and cheaper I would like to know! Also what type of sheets do you guys have (non-stick, aluminum, stainless steel, etc) I know I can't have the wider one as they don't fit into my tiny apartment's oven and I don't use a dishwasher so anything I can easily scrub clean will be perfect.


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  1. My favorite cookie sheets are the old, cheap ones that I got at the hardware store many years ago. I find that the thinner cookie sheets work best, and I always leave the heavyweight, professional ones I have in the cabinet unless I need extras. I would actually recommend that you get sheet pans instead, which are useful for many, many things. I buy 1/2 sheet pan parchment pre cut from King Arthur Flour on line, and bake all my cookies on the parchment so I never really have to wash the cookie sheets. I use three sheets of parchment and while one batch is in the oven baking, the other two have portioned dough on them ready to be popped in next. Just slide the parchment onto the cooling rack, put the next parchment on the cookie sheet, and pop back into the oven. When the cookies are firmed up, remove from the parchment and fill that sheet with the next batch to go in. It's quick, efficient and pretty mess free.

    BTW, does anyone know where to get cheap, thin, old-fashioned cookie sheets?

    1. I buy most of my cake pans online from, but cookie sheets and jelly roll pans I get at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Joanns. I signed up for their coupons and wait for a 40% off or more. They are heavy duty and good quality and cheap with the coupon! I buy a lot of stuff from the restaurant supply stores locally and online, but these pans from the hobby stores are the same quality.

      I disagree that thinner and lighter are better. I give my pans very hard use and none of them are warped or buckled -- soemthing I find happens with the lighter stock.

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        I don't mind about the warping, but I find the cookies bake better on my old, cheap Wear-ever cookie sheets. But to each his own...

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          Do you have a preference between cookie sheet versus jelly roll pans? Like should I have one of each?

          In addition to baking I use my current sheet for things like reheating pizzas and frozen food. And I don't want to buy too many different things due to limited space.

          1. re: Lorry13

            Then just get a couple of sheet pans and use the parchment paper when you bake cookies. I think baking cookies on a sheet pan takes a tiny bit longer per the latest issue of CI.

            1. re: Lorry13

              I have always used jelly-roll pans and right now have six of them living in the drawer under my oven (baking cookies for the whole football team takes a lot of pans...)

              And parchment paper is one of the most fabulous inventions known to anyone who has ever set foot in a kitchen. Cookies bake more evenly, never stick, and you never have to scrub a cookie sheet.

          2. I agree. Chicago metallic baking pan is not a bad choice. I have also own a Calphalon baking pan and it is just as good. By baking pans, I mean the same thing you said about jelly roll pans.

            1. What I have found that works VERY well is dish washing LIQUID...not the packets...its just like clean out your coffee maker...put maybe a TBS of it in your pan, put some VERY hot water on it and let it sit for an hour or two,,,if it's not clean by then, will come clean without all the scrubbing!