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Aug 12, 2010 04:44 AM

Capital Grille Question

My husband and I are eating at Capital Grille tonight. We have never been. I checked out the menu online, and the kona crusted steak sounds amazing. However, I am very sensitive to caffeine, and I'm wondering how much kona crust is on the steak. Has anyone tried this? Were you able to sleep afterward? LOL thanks much

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  1. I've had it and it is delicious. I could barely taste any coffee however, so I don't think there is that much if you are sensitive to it. Certainly should not keep you awake. But I would ask the waiter to check with chef before eating.

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      As we know in roasting coffee beans; the darker, longer the roast, the less caffine,. Espresso, Italian Roast, French Roast etc. all dark roasts have less caffeine than the more lightly, mildly roasted beans. I would suspect a " Coffee Crusted steak would have very little caffeine in the charred grounds. Espresso rubbed Strips are quite flavorful for a novelty taste.

    2. I've had it and I only drink non-caffinated drinks, no problems.