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Aug 12, 2010 04:19 AM

dinner recs for North Conway

New in the area and wondering about the best current spots in Conway/North Conway and vicinity? Really enjoy locally sourced dining but excellent preparation is most critical. Thanks!

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  1. Veggiequeen, if you're not looking for vegetarian fare, we very much like May Kelly's Cottage; I like the Irish Mixed Grill, which is fresh and flavorful. The Inn at Thorn Hill (in Jackson) has an interesting summer menu, too.

    May Kelly's
    3002 White Mountain Hwy North, Conway, NH

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      Ty Pinehurst! I'm most veg but my spouse is omnivore so all suggestions are great!

    2. Try the White Mountain Cider Mill (or company maybe?) Just ate there this week. They use locallly grown produce (the tomatoes are so good right now) as well as local cheeses, etc.

      The Flatbread Pizza company supports employee farms as well as small local ones and beliives in utlizing sustainable products. The basic salad w/ local goat cheese and a sesame vinagrette is so good. The pizza special this week was all local veggies-really good! The fresh kale was so good.

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        to: foodieX2--Sounds wonderful -- thanks for the tip! Are you local to N. Conway?

      2. Every time I visit I eat at The Moat Mountain Smokehouse. I haven't had the same meal twice and have yet to be disappointed. Everything is made in-house (including the fantastic garlic pickles) but I'm not sure how much of the food is locally sourced. Judging from the care they take with the food I would guess that they try to use local producers. They brew beer on site as well.

        Moat Mountain Smokehouse
        3378 White Mountain Hwy North, Conway, NH