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Aug 11, 2010 08:04 PM

obx - kill devil hills

heading to obx in a week and a half. it has been two years since we have been there. we will hit the brew pub at mile marker 8.5 to kill some time on check in day. we will also make our way to tortuga's lie at some point. anything new we should try for a dinner out?

surprisingly, we have not found any good bbq pork on the island. anything new on this front? how about any of the bbq places on the 20 or so miles leading up to the bridge - anything worth stopping for?

any recon is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Wrong board...need to move this/repost on the Southeast Board. Corolla Village BBQ is pretty good, but a bit of a hike from KDH. Tortugas Lie sucks, imo. Check out John's Drive-in. Here are some other posts that may help:

    1. John's Drive In has good burgers and fried seafood. KD Grill is excellent for lunch or dinner serving salds, sandwiches and seafood. They have BBQ. Port O Call is fine dining open for dinner only serving fine seafood and steaks. Colington is fine dining for dinner only too. Lone Cedar Cafe is fine dining on the waterfront for dinner only serving outstanding fresh seafood. Sooey's in Corolla has good BBQ.

      John's Drive In @ 3716 Virginia Dare Trail, Kitty Hawk, NC 252 - 261 - 6227.
      Kill Devil Grill @ 2008 South Virginia Dare Trail, Mile Post 9 3/4 Beach Road, Kill Devil Hills, NC 252 - 449 - 8181.
      Port O Call Restaurant and Saloon @ 504 South Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC 252 - 441 - 7484.
      The Colington Cafe @ 1029 Colington Road, Kill Devil Hills, NC 252 - 480 - 1123.
      Lone Cedar Cafe @ 7623 South Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 252 - 441 - 5405.
      Sooey's BBQ & Rib Shack @ 807 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 252 - 453 - 4423.

      1. I forgot about High Cotton for excellent BBQ in Kitty Hawk, NC.

        High Cotton BBQ @ 5230 North Virginia Dare Trail, Kitty Hawk, NC 252 - 255 - 2275.

        1. I just bought a house in KDH in May of this year. Here's what we've found so far. Yes, Tortugas Lie is still good, and my wife's favorite. Try Food Dudes on the beach road for Thursday taco night. Slice Pizza is very good, and everyone can get what they want by the slice. Maco Mikes has a good 3:30 to 4:30 early bird special; we both had a choice of fish, and loved it. There is a BBQ place that will be on your left in the Coinjock area before you cross over the big bridge over the innercoastal waterway. It's decent BBQ. Frog Island seafood is on the left before the BBQ place. It is a seafood market that also happens to serve cooked meals; very fresh and good. Last but not leaset is the Coinjock Marina Restaurant which is at the first left coming down off the big bridge in Coinjock. It's more of a dinner place, but it is awesome. Seafood, prime rib, whatever.

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            That bbq in Coinjock (before you get to the bridge over the ICW) is Currituck Barbecue...look for the pink neon pig sign out front.
            An old stand-by at MP 4.5 on the bypass is Capt.'n Franks. What's new is that he now has his new "signature" hotdogs made by the people at the Weeping Radish on the mainland. Haven't tried them yet because he just started serving them.
            And great for lunch or dinner is Kill Devil Grill at MP 9 3/4 on the beach road--one of our favorites: get the Key Lime Pie for dessert.
            foodjack: congrats on the new house in KDH! My wife and I own a cottage in Duck.

            1. re: fcbaldwin

              How could I have forgoten Capt. Franks? Awesome dogs and fries. Frank, you guys should join us - the "Tidewater Taste Buds" for an outing. We all met here and go out once a month to try different places in the area. We'll be doing a trip down to the OBX this fall. We'll be going for Dim Sum at Jade Villa near Pembroke Mall on Saturday the 28th.

              Jade Villa
              353 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

              1. re: foodjack

                Hey foodjack,
                thanks for the invite to the Tidewater Taste Buds! We might make it one of these times; I've read posts about y'all.

                One more place to mention re OBX: Blue Moon Beach Grill at MP13 in a little strip center between the highways (I think it's called Surfside). Very popular with the locals. We think it's excellent.


                1. re: fcbaldwin

                  send an e-mail to me at and I'll keep you posted on our upcoming outings.

          2. In Corolla, Timbuck II shopping center there is a place called North Banks Restaurant and Raw Bar(formerly Groupers)....excellent raw/steamer bar includes clams, shrimp, lobster, oysters....try the salad topped with fried oysters in a balsamic place I have eaten in OBX in long time....sit right at the bar and bartenders will take care of everything you need...good wine and beer selection too.....a very nice place and I would definitely recommend it. Been to OBX over 20 years now and by far this place was worth it!
            If you want a good breakfast spot u gotta try Corolla Lighthouse Bagel shop next to Tomato Patch restuarant...freshly made bagels right there on the spot....try the French toast bagel or the Cinnamon sugar ones....get there early as the line is out the door at times! ENJOY

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              We were up in the OBX in late June and had a few good meals. Jockey's Ribs was good, the BBQ Chicken was the standout dish with our group that night, along with the fried pickles and fried grits.

              If you want to go a bit south down towards Roanoke there's a place called Darrel's which had good local seafood (mostly fried, some broiled) and a nice breakfast with real country ham. I wouldn't necessarily call either place a transcendent experience, but if they were located where I live I'd be eating there with some frequency. I guess I'd say they were solid restaurants - Darrel's in particular seemed geared towards locals particularly during breakfast. When we were there the waitress appeared to know everybody who walked in the door just about, it was all how's your Aunt so and so, and did Betty give birth to the twins yet? Not that she was any less friendly to us of course.

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                Actually, Groupers is now the Fin & Claw, still run by the original owner, Tommy Karoyle. North Banks is still in its original location and both of these places have terrific food. Fin & Claw is a bit more upscale. Also, Route 12, also in TimBuckII has terrific food. However, all of these restos are in Corolla and a good ways from KDH.