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Aug 11, 2010 07:24 PM

Liederkranz Cheese Is Back

After years of wistful reminiscing by my husband and various long in the tooth aquaintances, I just noticed a sale starting Friday at my local small grocery chain of Liederkranz. Could not believe my eyes, as I understood it to be gone forever. But the ad says "bold aroma, creamy-smooth body and full flavor. An American original" so I think it might be the real thing. $4.99 for 6z, I will be buying several pieces and will let you know for sure, but I have high hopes.

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  1. From one stinky cheese fan to another: hello to old friend Liederkranz after a quarter century hiatus!
    I'll be on the lookout.

    1. This is wonderful news. Liederkranz is a long lost friend of mine. Keep us updated, and I also will keep an eye out.

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        They're saying it will be available at small gourmet shops at about $7 for the 6z wedge (I think the only way they are selling it), but I'm getting it at Best Yet, hence the good price. I'll let you know when it's in my possession.

      2. I used to love that stuff, thanks!

        1. OMG - I loved this cheese! My Dad and I had a real ritual involved with eating this...

          1. Here's a little known fact: The same guy who developed the recipe for Liederkranz (as an American imitation of Limburger cheese) was also responsible for creating Velveeta.

            As I understand it, Liederkranz will be sold primarily in the midwest. I'm not sure about its availability in other parts of the US.

            Another excellent American original stinky cheese is Brick. There are a few producers in the midwest. I particularly like the Brick made by Joe Widmer in Wisconsin.

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                Dang, I miss brick. I grew up eating the mild, not-very-stinky stuff from Amish co-ops in Illinois. It was the family's sandwich cheese of choice. I remember its having a nice rich flavor I'll always think of as simply "cheesy", and not being salty at all either. I expected Jack to be like that when I first came to California, and was very disappointed.