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Liederkranz Cheese Is Back

After years of wistful reminiscing by my husband and various long in the tooth aquaintances, I just noticed a sale starting Friday at my local small grocery chain of Liederkranz. Could not believe my eyes, as I understood it to be gone forever. But the ad says "bold aroma, creamy-smooth body and full flavor. An American original" so I think it might be the real thing. $4.99 for 6z, I will be buying several pieces and will let you know for sure, but I have high hopes.

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  1. From one stinky cheese fan to another: hello to old friend Liederkranz after a quarter century hiatus!
    I'll be on the lookout.

    1. This is wonderful news. Liederkranz is a long lost friend of mine. Keep us updated, and I also will keep an eye out.

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        They're saying it will be available at small gourmet shops at about $7 for the 6z wedge (I think the only way they are selling it), but I'm getting it at Best Yet, hence the good price. I'll let you know when it's in my possession.

      2. I used to love that stuff, thanks!

        1. OMG - I loved this cheese! My Dad and I had a real ritual involved with eating this...

          1. Here's a little known fact: The same guy who developed the recipe for Liederkranz (as an American imitation of Limburger cheese) was also responsible for creating Velveeta.

            As I understand it, Liederkranz will be sold primarily in the midwest. I'm not sure about its availability in other parts of the US.

            Another excellent American original stinky cheese is Brick. There are a few producers in the midwest. I particularly like the Brick made by Joe Widmer in Wisconsin.

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                Dang, I miss brick. I grew up eating the mild, not-very-stinky stuff from Amish co-ops in Illinois. It was the family's sandwich cheese of choice. I remember its having a nice rich flavor I'll always think of as simply "cheesy", and not being salty at all either. I expected Jack to be like that when I first came to California, and was very disappointed.

              2. My Father-in-law introduced me to Liederkranz (as well as a lot of other cheeses) before my marriage. I've always wondered if that was a test! He lived just a few miles from the factory and was devastated when production ceased. I'll have to ask my local Fromagerie if they can get some just to toast his memory.

                1. Am anxiously awaiting your report as I have fond memories of eating this stuff with my dad.

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                    I'm going today or tomorrow and will let you know asap!

                  2. I am happy to report that the new version of Liederkranz was given 100% positive reviews by its old fans. And I, who don't remember ever having any in my childhood (pretty sure I would have turned it down), am now totally hooked. I had bought 4 bars to keep plus give out on Sunday, and today just bought 4 more because I don't want to run out. Also talked to at least 5 other interested customers plus cashiers in the process (they were curious why I was buying so much of course), so hopefully it will be available in this store permanently. Go get some and enjoy! And talk it up too so everyone knows.

                    PS it is made with hormone free milk so this isn't a typical Borden/Kraft type cheese. Worth every penny.

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                      But...it is made by Borden/Kraft? Except no hormones now? Cool. Does it still come in that little Borden box? I'm dying to have some but I think it's going to be awhile before it reaches Bushwick, if ever. This area is a culinary backwater. I may have to travel to another neighborhood for it.

                      Thanks, coll, for the update!

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                        The newly revived liederkranz is made by DCI Cheese Co. in Wisconsin.

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                          Sorry I guess that sounded confusing, it is sort of a gourmet item now. Don't know how far you can travel, but the chain of groceries I got it from has stores in Astoria and Franklin Square, and is on sale until Thursday.
                          Then again Fairway will probably carry it too, is my guess.

                      2. Here's a link to the producer's page:

                        And the press release announcing its return three years ago has some history of the cheese.

                        Cousin of Limburger was a staple of German immigrants

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                          Thanks for the info! Sadly my friend I searched this out for is long gone (almost two years now). Glad he got to pig out one last time. However my husband still loves Liederkranz, despite lots of other recent food preference changes. So if I can find it somewhere (the grocery I got it at has long discontinued) I will grab some, with all necessary accoutraments. My antennae are up!

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                            Having loved Liederkranz as a kid when it was made by Borden and available at every grocery store, it does feel weird to have to mail-order it. But I should just be glad it's back. I haven't tried the reintroduced version yet, hope to soon.


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                              I've purchased the new reintroduced Liederkranz from both the following vendors (Wisconsin Cheese Mart & igourmet). Both arrived in excellent condition & flavorwise were exactly as I remember the cheese from childhood. (The only thing missing from the original was it's cute little wood-framed cardboard carton.)



                              (Oh, & both companies have other interesting cheese offerings as well. The barrel-aged feta at igourmet is a favorite around here. Also interesting if you enjoy Indian food, is a curry-flavored cheese at igourmet. They run out of it frequently, but when they do have it in stock, it's in my cart.)

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                                Great! I'd only had time to look at Zingerman's site feeling it might have it because it's in the Midwest, but no go even though there's an homage to Liederkranz. I'd like to purchase from somewhere that has a broader inventory selection so that I can fill the cart with other things and take advantage of the fixed shipping cost.

                                Is this the curry cheese you buy?

                          2. I found some yesterday also in an independent shop that specializes in meat and fish. I think I just posted about finding it yesterday on General Topics. I did not realize there was a "cheese board". (Bad pun!)

                            It took me a moment or two of recognizing what I was seeing. So happy!

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                              Glad to know it's still around.