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Aug 11, 2010 07:20 PM

Where to get pastry for quiche base?

I'd like to make a quiche in a traditional quiche baking dish but am completely inept at making the pastry base - is there anywhere I can just buy it, defrost it and just lay it into the dish? The pastry would preferably be made with butter.

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  1. I used the shell from Metro. It was ok.

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    1. re: Jenya

      i tend to buy the pillsbury ones from the dairy case rather than the frozen ones...

    2. Well if you are looking for butter based Pastry dough I suggest you try the aptly named Butter Pastry from President's choice (can you be found at most Loblaws) I use it for my beef wellington and its much better than the other pre-made one's I have tried.

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        I'll try that PB butter pastry next time I do a Wellington, but for quiche I'm not sure a puff pastry base is suitable. Everyone will laugh, but having run out of time to get to Loblaws or that basement place in SLM which does, I think, sell many kinds of frozen pastry, I ended up at the Woodbine Valuemart buying a "low sodium, no preservatives all veg shortening" pair of shells made by Tenderflake. The blind baking stage left them very fragile, and they are not "deep dish" as the label says. But it's just quiche - the filling is the important part!