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Aug 11, 2010 05:45 PM

Ideas for banana cream pie ice cream?

I really want to make an ice cream flavored like banana cream pie, but can't really put it together. I'm thinking of a custard-based banana ice cream with chocolate ganache swirls, but that seems just like chocolate-banana ice cream than banana cream pie. Any ideas? Any way to incorporate more of a pastry cream flavored ice cream, with a creamy banana swirl and chocolate swirl?

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  1. I don't know why you want chocolate in banana cream pie. I would swirl mashed banana and graham cracker or vanilla wafer crumbs into your custard base.

    1. Ben and Jerry's has a Boston Cream Pie ice cream. Maybe taste theirs for some inspiration? It has a custard swirl, chunks of cake and chocolate.

      1. Add banana puree to a custard base, chill, churn, and when it's nearly done, fold in some Nila wafers. Serve topped with whipped cream and a few rounds of sliced banana.

        1. Rather than add in banana and chocolate, I'd lightly swirl two kinds of ice cream, definitely add something to represent the pastry crust, and go easy on the chocolate as not to overwhelm. For me, this would mean rich, buttermilk-banana ice cream, leaving some chunks of banana, made with a hint of cinnamon and brown sugar + vanilla-creme fraiche or marscapone ice cream + chocolate-drizzled pie crust crumbs swirled throughout. Or, replace that vanilla ice cream with something like meringue/marshmallow flavored (i.e.

          You could always go a simple route, use an established recipe for a banana base with chocolate (, and fold in extra banana puree, chocolate fudge, pastry crumbs, etc.

          Here's some inspiration from someone who made three separate ice creams to be eaten together:

          You could always try Paula Dean's way- just stir cream pie straight into the ice cream, as she does with banana pudding:


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            Thanks guys! The chocolate is for the black bottom type - I'm making it to bring to a dinner where that is the host's favorite pie.

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              how about a hot-fudge sauce to represent?

          2. I would use a regular custard base, add in pureed bananas, stir in some Fluffernutter (to simulate the cream/pudding texture), and mix in some Grapenuts (to simulate the pie crust).