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Aug 11, 2010 05:19 PM

Brown Betty - What happened to Customer Service?

Last Thursday I went with an out of town friend of mine to Brown Betty's new location at Liberty Place. I purchased three cupcakes for myself and spouse in order to get a box (less than that would have meant a bag and it was warm) and one for my friend which came in a bag since he was going to eat before he went home. We shared a little of his carrot cupcake and while really tasty, the icing had definitely started to melt as had the cupcake in general although it was less than two hours after purchase. I then got concerned about my cupcakes and decided to move them from their box to an insulated bag I had with me that I would have put the cupcakes in had the box fit. When I opened the box I was surprised to see that the three cupcakes had not been individually wrapped - you know the way they put pieces of paper sometimes around donuts - before placing them in a box. As a result they had started to melt together. I was really surprised about the lack of individual wrapping and I sent an email to Brown Betty's at their main location about that.

I have yet to receive a response. What I find worse than having the cupcake experience, is that no one contacted me to thank me for mentioning this problem. Admittedly $3 a cupcake may be the going rate these days but for that price I expect the cupcakes to be properly packaged. As it is the cupcakes have gone down in size from when they first opened. When I purchase cupcakes at the Cupcake Gourmet (I think that is the title) in Frazer, they come in a container which has individual slots for the cupcakes. While the containers can easily hold more, they will put even a few in a container for no additional charge. I would prefer to pay extra to get a decent container so that my cupcakes make it home on the train in the condition they were when purchased.

I like Brown Betty's product but I don't think I will be going out of my way to return soon if they don't care about their customers.

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  1. It might just be that time of year FayeD. Most of the college students have quit their summer jobs and the ones that are staying til the bitter end (around labor day) are not happy. As I was going into Costco today something slid from the bottom of a woman's cart. I would have offered to help but I had the feeling it would have flustered her more in that hot muggy parking lot.
    Wouldn't you know it, when I came out my case of soda slid off my cart and spilled over the by then dark parking lot. Some of the cans even burst. I know I could have double-checked but this has never happened before. The box was placed near the edge of the cart and slid right off. The bag boy I guess I call him even though Costco has no bags had been complaining about his feet hurting and was pretty unhappy. He moved everything around in my cart and on the bottom of it so it is easy to think he might have had a little passive aggressive thing going on but I think it was just a long hot day for him.
    To make this worse, a lot of managers are still in vacation mode even though things always tend to fall apart this time of year as the transition from summer to fall slowly begins. The kids who aren't going back to college are already starting to feel weird about their college bound friends leaving. I always think this is the worst time of year for customer service but that does suck about the cupcakes. In this economy businesses can't afford to be lax.

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      Not to downplay what happened to you, but I'd say to give them a call at the main location in NoLibs and ask to speak to the owner. I know that I have sent things to some websites and the email links are outdated or don't get there. This way at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that BB is aware of what happened to you in hopes of getting some resolution. I do know that Naked Chocolate got the containers you spoke of but I'd bet that BB's cupcakes are too big to use them.

      As an aside, this reminds me of when I ordered a king cake from New Orleans and had it delivered when it was warmer out. Even though the box said in bold letters to lay it flat, UPS stuck it on it's side when they delivered it and I was left with a congealed, melted mess of icing and pastry covering about a fifth of the box. That being said, I try to take what precautions I can this time of year, as I will always get some dry ice at Reading Terminal when I buy chocolates so I know they will make it to the car without melting.