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Aug 11, 2010 05:08 PM

Casual Dinner in Jackson WY - with some specific questions

We will be flying from the east coast to Jackson, due to arrive at 6:05 p.m. Of course, there's the variable of not really knowing when we will arrive. Also, I'm not sure what we will want to eat, because who knows what time our bodies will feel like. I don't want to make reservations anyplace because of these uncertainties.

I'd like to find a nice, very casual place to have dinner, preferably one where we wouldn't have to wait very long. I'm sure we will be tired and not very patient with waiting. I'd like good food. Because of all these variables, I'd even consider take out - it will be a Saturday evening and I'm just not sure how crowded places might be - this will be at end of August.

Any ideas?

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  1. Saturday night in August means hordes of people everywhere, which may make it difficult to find a good place to eat with little or no wait. So some of these recs probably don't live up to my usual Chowhound standards...
    If you just want some grub, something like Sidewinders or Snake River Brewery ("The Brew Pub") might be a good option, but those often have waits during peak summer season. They actually both have good pizza if you wanted to pick some up. Teton Thai is definitely my fave casual option, but there is only outdoor seating which won't work if the weather is bad, and they are notorious for their wait in the summer. However, you could call ahead (at least 30 min) when you land at the airport and call in takeout. Green Curry and Pad Thai are my favorites. The Silver Dollar Bar in the Wort Hotel might have less of a wait...again your basic burger grub. Cafe Genevieve is a new restaurant in Jackson, where I've had a couple of great is more upscale than the others I mentioned, but not super fancy. All entrees are $20 or less, and especially because it is pretty new, they don't seem to have much of a wait (and you can also make a reservation there).
    Sorry I can't think of any better options. Your parameters gave me some challenges!!

    Teton Thai
    135 N Cache Dr, Jackson, WY 83001

    Snake River Brewery & Restaurant
    PO Box 3317, Jackson, WY 83001