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stinky recipes

Hi all,
I need a stinky recipe - my (too close) nosy neighbor needs to be stinked out....

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  1. Cooking broccoli smells like a fart.

    1. Fish.
      Liver and onions.
      Hard-boiled eggs.


      1. Well, use of food as a weapon is not very fair. But a can or two of Hing (Asafoetida) left around open should do the trick.

        1. Stinky tofu if you can get the product. or singe the fur from a pig. Rakfisk water does wonders too.

          Edit: you could always eat durian outside and leave the husks near the fence.

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            Durian! This time of year, mmmm...durian milk shakes.


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              Yes! Durian will surely do the trick.

            2. If you boil some cabbage for a real long time it will smell just like passing gas. The problem is, you're stinked out too. If you want to stink them out but eat something good, I've always found the odor of boiled crab to be a little offputting, but the crab legs are great.

              1. Deep fry something- that usually stinks things up pretty good. Come to think of it, cook a curry and make deep fried pakoras- Then broil a piece of salmon and burn a bag of microwave popcorn. Durian for dessert.

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                    That's hilarious! But in my experience, you don't even need to burn the microwave popcorn if you buy the Paul Newman kind with butter. My son can drive us out of the house by simply cooking it as directed.

                  2. Can you get Hooligan cheese where you're at? I've driven my spousal equivalent right out of the apartment with it (not on purpose).


                      1. Fry up some kidney, smells like urine, the odor hangs in the air for days. Then follow salsailsa's burnt popcorn and durian suggestions for emphasis. Add in Quine's asafoetida trick and neighbors begone! Problem is, you may have to move also.

                        1. Grilled Limburger sandwich. Burnt. With a side of Lutfisk.

                          1. Just burn some coal in your BBQ. That stuff really stinks.

                            1. Burnt popcorn lasts forever. But, isn't that like biting the nose to spite the face? You have to live with the smell.

                              1. All good suggestions - but you're right.... I'm just gonna stink myself out too. Think I'll put up a fence!

                                1. The problem with stink pollution is that it's going to backfire and you'll have to live with it as much as the neighbor. But noise pollution can get a point across really well. Many decades ago, I had a neighbor who was a real pain in the sit down. My husband worked nights and they would call the cops complaining about the noise he made climbing the outside stairs when he came home from work. Sooooo... I checked on the local sound abatement laws, knew they slept late on Sundays, invited everyone else in the complex to a beach party and brought home a stadium speaker system and amplifier from work, hooked it up to my record player set to repeat play, put on a record of chinese gongs at about a gazillion decibals and when we all came home from the beach party ten hours later, the bad neighbors had moved! And we didn't have any leftover unfriendly aromas to live with. Trying to use bad smelling food is very much like shooting yourself in the foot.

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                                    That is so funny! This thread is hilarious. But on the food issue, I don't cook that many stinky items, so am no help there.

                                  2. Maybe you should wait until the neighbor is being nosy, rub the stink foods onto your skin, rush over, and initiated a looooong conversation (you can just shower afterward). Repeat until this neighbor has officially gone into hiding.

                                    I wonder is shrimp paste has any moisturizing properties? Or lutefisk? Or natto?

                                    1. Microwave a Smart One or Lean Cuisine, that seems to piss-off co-workers.

                                      1. Go to a Chinese market and get a bottle or two of Fish Sauce, it's Vietnamese and pour it around his front door.
                                        Choose the cheapest bottle possible, the cheaper the crappier and the stinkier.
                                        GOOD LUCK.

                                        1. Simmer beer cheese with durian, turnips, garlic, lutefisk, and cabbage in fish sauce with dried shrimp and shrimp paste for a long time, then raise the heat and burn to a crisp with a strong exhaust fan pointedly pointed in the appropriate direction.

                                          Assuming you're correct that this person deserves the treatment.

                                          1. What, no kim chee? That seems like a no-brainer. In addition to everything else, that is. Make a nice kim chee chigae. That's making a cabbage stew from *fermented* cabbage.

                                            1. Every time I take out my sauerkraut and saute it, my wife comes in and yells "dirty, stinky feet!"

                                                1. Okay, I gotta ask. What did this person do that has you willing to sacrifice your own olfactory well being?

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                                                    Not worth discussing - well... it is, but not on a public forum - she's worse than nosy, she's a curmudgeonly old(er) woman, who is trying to get me in trouble -

                                                    I'm not going to do any of these suggestions, it's just fun to think about it.... my original thought was to have a great lobster dinner and then leave the shells under her window while I am away for a week... but really, who wants to create more ill will - I will just rise above it and throw out my lobster shells!

                                                    1. re: harryharry

                                                      Understood. Sometimes fantasy revenge scenarios fit the bill, especially if they are a bit humorous, like this thread and you don't obsess about it.

                                                      And that would've been such a nice way to recycle those lobster shells ;)

                                                  2. pickle some veggies. that should do the trick. but be careful, it might turn off those you like too.

                                                    1. ill send my boyfriend ever and he can cook some REALLY stinky filipino dishes. anything that is loaded with patis will do the trick!

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                                                        There was actually a Filipino family who got a group of nuns to turn on them because they were deep frying preserved fish. It's a smell you won't soon forget.