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Aug 11, 2010 03:55 PM

Chuckanut Drive ?

Taking a short day trip from Seattle to Chuckanut Drive tomorrow. I see a number of seafood
restos....any recommendations?

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  1. There is a famous oyster house on a sharp curve, I don't remember the name but it is a great palce to stop if you like oysters. Also, there is a park that you should stop and visit. When you get there walk down to the water front and explore the shore line. You will see a lot of star fish and other sea life. That drive is nice trip ending up in Bellingham.

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    1. re: fbabis

      fbabis: you are referring to the Oyster Creek Inn, under new ownership so I can't comment on the quality. Also, the park you reference is Larrabee State Park.

      If you are seeking seafood, take the road down the hill from the Oyster Creek Inn to the Taylor Shellfish Farm for fresh crab, oysters, mussels and other delights of the sea.

      For a worthwhile side trip, head into the town of Edison (turn left/west off Chuckanut Drive at Bow Hill Rd) and visit the BreadFarm for wonderful baked goods, and the Farm to Market Bakery for sweet treats, soup and sandwiches. There is also the Edison Cafe as you enter town. My niece swears they make the best Rueben sandwich she has ever eaten.

      1. re: LemonyRoux

        We tried to go to Oyster Creek Inn. Even checked the website before going. Drove up and saw an empty parking lot with a piece of paper stuck to the door saying they were off on pilgrimage to France. Sounds nice for them, but I was disappointed.

        We tried the Oyster Bar, but they don't allow children under age 9.

        So we ended up at a darling b&b (the next restaurant) that had a very decent brunch.

        Moral of the story: Call Oyster Creek Inn before going if that is your intended destination.

        1. re: LemonyRoux

          ...and don't miss Slough Foods and the Breadfarm for the best cheeses and breads in the county (also good affordable wines) at the former. Population-wise, Edison is arguably the densest Chowhound spot on the planet.

        2. re: fbabis

          There's also the Oyster Bar just past the Bow-Edison intersection.
          A little pricey, but definitely a high quality place.

          Anyone know a cheap, oyster shack-type place where I could just mow down oysters at a low price with zero regard for environment?
          Or would I be better off going to the Taylor Shellfish place and just getting a big bag myself?

          1. re: GreenYoshi

            In the summer, I'd bring a shucking knife, go to Taylor and eat them with the glorius view at Larrabee. Especially if one were to call ahead to Taylor and learn they had Shigokus available.

            1. re: GreenYoshi

              The Edison Tavern is a good place to belly up to a plate of yearlings. Famous for its cocktail sauce on the shooters, too. The 'sters come from Blau Oyster Co. on Samish Island.

              And BTW GreenYoshi, the Oyster Bar is NOWHERE CLOSE to Bow-Edison, but it is arguably the best restaurant and best view in Skagit and Whatcom counties..

              1. re: kaleokahu

                Really? I am remembering wrong?

                Instead of taking the left off Chuckanut to head to Bow, you just keep going straight and it's right there isn't it? Can't be more than a mile or 2 up the road, no?

                1. re: GreenYoshi

                  GreenYoshi, you may be thinking of Chuckanut Manor. It's the first restaurant you come to after Bow-Edison Road (if you don't count the Rhododendron), then Taylor Creek et al.. The OB is 3.3 miles north of the Bow Post Office. We Skagitonians think anything over 2 miles is a long way, sorry.

                  1. re: kaleokahu

                    Yeah, yeah, I'm thinking of Oyster Bar.
                    I just didn't think 3.3 miles isn't all that far for a good meal.

                    How can 3.3 miles be a long way when your closest neighbor is a mile down the road? ;-)

                    1. re: GreenYoshi

                      3.3 miles is a long way when you have an oyster- and clam bed for a front yard, grass-fed steers in the freezer, and an orchard out back. Especially when the direction giver sayeth: "just past the intersection..." ;)