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BBQ Caterer who grills on-site

I have a party I'm throwing in September. I am looking for a mobile grill pit that can be brought to my location to serve up a variety of BBQ'd meats.
We're located in Culver City/Marina Del Rey area.

Can the hounds recommend anyone to me?


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  1. http://bigmista.com/

    I pick up bbq at the farmers market they cater

    1. Big Mista is great. You can taste him at The El Segundo farmers market Thursdays from 3pm to 7pm. Best brisket I've had outside of Austin.

        1. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Big Mista.

          1. Another vote for Big Mista. Great bbq, nice people. We get their bbq frequently and have never been disappointed.

            1. Big Mista, of course, is a solid bet. Another sure shot is The Park's Finest:


              1. Boneyard Bistro also cooks on-site with their full BBQ rig.

                Boneyard Bistro
                13539 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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                  And does a superb job of it. Highly recommended.
                  While in Sherman Oaks, Boneyard will go to the west side, and you will be thankful it did.

                  1. re: carter

                    I greatly prefer Big Mista but do agree that Boneyard Bistro has good Q -- much better than expected the first time I went there and saw all those bistro items on the menu. I haven't stopped by since the recent remodeling and hope they still serve that outstanding baguette (with very good butter). A "Wonder"-ful change from BBQ tradition.

                    Incidentally, people who have been on Mars or in a monastery the last couple of years might want to look at this LA Times piece on Big Mista's "empire":


                    It includes a mention of our own Professor Salt.

                2. Are you asking for a pit master to serve make his BBQ at your house? That will be very costly.

                  1. the park's finest is easily my top choice for bbq catering.

                      1. re: smile81

                        eh, you can get bigmista at the farmer's market any old time. the park's finest is harder to come by, and in a whole other league to boot.

                        1. re: aizan

                          I had Parks Finest, in Little Tokyo the other weekend. Not very good at all.

                          Little Tokyo Restaurant
                          150 E Bonita Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773

                          1. re: reality check

                            you're kidding! i tried it at the yelp/pleasurepalate event and it was better than any bbq i've had at a brick-and-mortar joint.

                      2. Tres Gauchos Catering.
                        Met them at an embassy party, top notch Argentinian BBQ.
                        Carlos (310) 991-8005 or Juan (818) 518-7249

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