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Aug 11, 2010 03:04 PM

Soft Shell Crab suggestions

A friend asked me this when I checked in at New Rod Dee and I was eating their special (I got it with garlic sauce, good, too much soy sauce, but good.)

I see Towne has one for 17 bucks, but other options? Neptune? For some reason I don't order it much even though it's really great.

And if anyone knows a Thai place that does a cocount crab curry on rice that woud be fantastic.

Wow this is the first post I'm doing since the redesign and the "What is this" graphic is totally misaligned.

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  1. I had the soft shell crab starter at Rialto a couple of months back, which was rather good. And of course, almost all half-decent Chinese restaurants do soft shell crab.

    I've heard the one at Prezza is good.


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    1. re: trueblu

      not on prezza's menu last night, sadly, but we had crispy shrimp and they were killah good.

    2. It's an appetizer (One crab, cut into four pieces), rather than a main dish, but I had a truly delectable, perfectly cooked, tempura soft-shell crab at Toraya (Mass. Ave, Arlington) last night.

      I was born in MA, but spent ages 8 to 16 in Maryland. Funny that the whole time I was down there, I craved really fresh lobster, but now dream of blue crab.

      Toraya Restaurant
      890 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

      1. I love soft shell crabs at Peachfarm when they are fresh -- usually hounds will send out the SSC alert when they see them. You can also get them at Courthouse seafood, fresh fried to order and placed on a bun when they are in season in the spring.

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        1. re: yumyum

          had some live salt-and-pepper soft shell crabs (blackboard special) at Dumpling Cafe (Chinatown). earlier in the season than i expected, maybe that's why they weren't as large and juicy as some. batter was a bit clumsy and overly salty, but it was nice to get a taste after a long winter.

        2. clio does amazing soft-shell crabs. neptune doesn't always have them, since the menu is so small, so call ahead.

          most asian places use frozen, which is why you can get spider maki all year.

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          1. re: hotoynoodle

            you might still be able to buy fresh soft shell crabs and prepare them yourself. I put in an order at alive and kicking seafood in Cambridge,

            i do not bother with the frozen ones or even the crabs sold by whole foods which are not live.

          2. A few years ago we were pretty happy with the 'salt and pepper' softshells at Taiwan Cafe.