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Aug 11, 2010 02:52 PM

Luna Grill?

I just noticed there's a Luna Grill close to where I work, and they have another location off the 56 at Torrey Highlands. They bill themselves as a "neighborhood kabobery". Anyone been or heard anything about it?

Luna Grill
7825 Highland Village Pl Ste 105, San Diego, CA 92129

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  1. I work near the one in Torrey Highlands. Been going there since they opened a few years back. I am not qualified to say if it's authentic, different or anything. I will say, I love their chicken kabob plate, and that's that. Nice fluffy basmati rice, decent kabobs (not always cooked perfect). Lunchtime at work, usually choices are limited. And for that, they're perfectly fine

    1. I stop by the one in Mission Valley occasionally. I probably wouldn't make it a destination, but it's a good spot for a quick bite when I'm in the area doing errands (it's near Ikea, Costco, the eco dry cleaner, etc.) I like their salads, which come with pita on the side.

      1. I saw them on the local tv station discussing their agressive plans to open a lot of Luna Grills all over the County in a 1-2 year plan and I thought with this economy and no one lending money for tenant improvements, all I could think of is, how are they doing it?

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