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Looking for pistachio paste in San Diego

Does anyone know where I can find this? I'm wanting to make pistachio gelato. Thanks!

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  1. Why not just grind your own and add a little moisture to the mix. You can add a few drops of vanilla, since you are making ice ceam. I think can find the nuts at Trader Joes.

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      I did try making it last night, but the texture is just not the same. I may have to bring out my mortar and pestle.

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        Or if you have a marble rolling pin and board you could use that. Make sure you eat your Wheaties before, though !

    2. The only place I have ever seen pistachio paste is at Dean and Deluca in Napa (it's actually a mix of almond and pistachio). You can make it yourself (I have), but you can never get it to the same smooth texture as the commercially-made stuff.

      Note: I don't live in San Diego, and it may well be easily available, but I thought I would post this in case you could not find it at all.

      1. HAve you tried any of the Middle Eastern Markets, like North PArk Produce?

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        1. I've been craving pistachio gelato..
          I'll bring my container on over Hydra and a fab bottle of wine for your efforts!
          ; )

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          1. Google pistachio extract. Supposedly good for ice cream, per the links that come up.

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              I may just have to order the stuff. I was hoping not to do this, but at least then I can get the good stuff made with Bronte pistachios. :)

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                Would you mind posting your recipe using pistachio paste, please. I am wondering how the paste is incorporated into the ice cream.

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                    When you asked about pistachio paste I was thinking of something completely different, along the lines (texture) of almond paste.

            2. Hillcrest Whole Foods has pistachio cream that looks like what you want

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                Thanks! I went to the La Jolla one today and they didn't have it.. Was it with the nut butters or the baking stuff?

              2. Have you tried calling Sur La Table, they might have it in stock or their catalog.

                1. I buy it from King Arthur flour (along with some KA 'secret ingredients'). Have not seen pistachio paste in SD.


                  1. Did you finally find pistachio paste? I was wondering what you bought and if you liked it. I notice that amazon also sells the stuff.