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Aug 11, 2010 01:24 PM

ISO: good biscuits in toronto

when travelling i've had some delicious fluffly-textured biscuits. the kind that work so well with either sweet and savoury and turn into flaky crumbles on your tongue.

i've tried the ones at all the coffee chains, at a few bakeries, and at slm. it seems that we prefer a heavier biscuit/scone with a tougher texture. they are mostly sweet and are chock full of blueberry bits or other fillings, but the cakiness is off. tim hortons plain, raisin, or cheese, are all disasters of chewiness - worse than the coffee chains. i've tried the pillsbury tube, and they are bread-like (but nice for what they are when hot out of the oven). even macdonald's usa get it right (p.s. macdonald's canada, bring that breakfast biscuit up here).

i do know how to follow recipes, but before i start experimenting, anyone know where to find good biscuits here?

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  1. The Gallery Grill at Hart House has some tasty cheddar biscuits. Harlem might have them as well. I think what the various coffee chains are selling are mostly scones. They're way too heavy to be biscuits. The Tim Horton's biscuits look good, but the texture is all wrong. Red Lobster makes some very tasty but pretty greasy cheese biscuits. If I were you I'd find a good recipe and make them at home. You'll probably be happier with the results if you control the process.

    Gallery Grill
    7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

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      Not to say they're not tasty, but Red Lobster biscuits = Bisquick + cheddar + butter + garlic powder.

      Ravi Soups' biscuits are also very good, though I'm in the make-your-own-it's-super-easy camp. (Popeye's biscuits and red beans and rice are my guilty fast food pleasure...blush...)

    2. Stockyards BBQ has great cat head (large) biscuits, or make your own its so easy.

      1. what about the biscuites from popeyes chicken theyre not to bad of a southern style biscuite

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          A good texture, but a bit too oily and so salty!

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            That's exactly what I thought of. God I love Popeye's.

          2. omg i forgot about those red lobster ones. it's been a long time since i've been and i remember almost filliing up on those before my meal. i wonder how often people go in and ask to buy them by the dozen?

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