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Aug 11, 2010 11:59 AM

White Castle Hamburgers in Connecticut

I love White Castle Hamburgers when I go to New York always sit down and chowdown some of the best little burgers on the planet.

White Castle from what I foundout is going to open 1 or 2 on the Boston Post Rd in Fairfield County here in Connecticut.

As along time craver I can't wait .

I will certianly travel to Fairfield County to get my White Castle burgers which will be better then driving all the way to the Bronx which is the closest one over the boarder.

I also enjoy the fries aswell .

You can eat 15 of this burgers and still not get full .

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  1. White Castle coming to Connecticut?
    That is pretty big news among the cult of stranded White Castle fans. How reliable is your source?

    1. Just an update regarding White Castle Burgers .
      I should know in a few weeks about there expansion into Connecticut and when they plan on coming into the state.
      I am in contact with the right people at White Castle and what I can say its based on Commercial Real Estate prices dropping right now.