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Aug 11, 2010 11:45 AM

Hollywood Diner Baltimore

Haven't posted in awhile but I had to write this place up. I just had a fantastic lunch, one of the specials, a bulgogi cheese steak on a crunchy, chewy hoagie roll with a nice side of crispy, semi-curly fries. The meat was tender with a great Korean marinade. The hamburgers look great (20% fat) and I'm told the hamburger rolls are equally as good as the hoagie. One of my lunch companions was raving about a mushroom short rib tartlet they served as a special last week.
This is the diner at Saratoga and Holliday. Go.

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  1. With a recommendation like that, I will try it again -- but I ate breakfast there a year ago (not long after it had changed hands, I believe) and it was horrible. Think overcooked scrambled eggs and bitter coffee. Service was bad too. Has it changed owners yet again?

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      Same owners I believe, but I think they brought in a new cook awhile back. I have also had bad experiences there in the past. Definitely give it a try. I was reluctant to go and am glad I did.

      1. re: ko1

        Had a horrible experience there for brunch one Sunday after the farmer's mkt. it was 10:30am and they had already ran out of pancakes!? How is that possible? there was also only one waitress so you had to get up, order at the counter, and then wait for your food. ridiculous. many people got up and left after waiting at least 30 minutes for their food. I understand that every place has an off day but it was Sunday brunch (at a diner, right next to the Sunday farmer's market no less). They should have been better prepared.