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Aug 11, 2010 11:16 AM

k-cup coffee, god help me

greeting folks, the office has just purchased a k-cup machine ( and I'm hoping we can get a decent coffee to go with it.

I'm a coffee drinker and enjoy stumptown beans at home. Anyone out there know of a decent brand that makes these k-cups?

Yes, I've googled options but am not familiar with any of these brands so suggestions are welcome!

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  1. I personally have not used one, but in Europe, they are very popular. I have a good friend there that absolutely swears by them. And, I understand there are a wide variety of coffees that can be had. Try this link:

    1. I think that for a medium roast coffee, the Kona blend has been the best I've tried. Don't remember the brand. My husband is partial to the Paul Newman bold that is available by the crate from Costco. I find it a bit stronger than I like in the morning, and since my gripe with Keurig is that the coffee tends to cool off very quickly, adding too much milk only hastens the problem. We bought our Keurig during a kitchen renovation, and it has been pretty handy, though I am looking forward to some greening of the pods, which I understand is coming...

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        We have one at work and while i like the Kona Blend, I actually found it to be too mild. We started getting Sumatra Reserve and it is a bold coffee. too strong for a couple fo the guys, but to me, if it's to strong, add a little more milk.

        I totally agree that it cools off quickly, which is weird, because I find it to be too hot when it first comes out. Maybe the machines vary, but I have to say, it is nice to walk in and have a cup within a minute

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          I warm the milk in the microwave before brewing the coffee and it helps immensely with the quick cooldown problem.

          I really like the Kona Blend, Newman, and Caribou Mahogany the best. Sumatran Reserve is also a good choice for a bolder coffee. I find that Big Easy Bold and Dark Magic are a bit too bitter for me.

        2. I don't own a K-cup machine, but I have seen that there is an attachment for the Krups (I almost bought one on QVC) that allows for you to put your own grind in there. They might sell it at Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table .

          My company has one--they use Green Mountain and Timothy's. I just give in and go to Starbucks.

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            We have that attachment but the problem we have found is that it tends to gunk up the machine and then you have to go through a fairly labor intensive cleaning process.

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              Now, I'm glad I didn't invest in one.

          2. I also have the K-Cup thing at work so I am well versed. Mind you I like stronger/bolder flavored are my favorites (brand then variety), you can read the full description of each at the Keurig website:

            Tully's: House, Kona, Sumatra
            Van Houtte: Eclipse (one of my favs)
            Coffee People: Organic, Wake-up Call
            Caribou: Mahogany

            Green Mountain has been very hit or miss for me...French Roast, Dark Magic and Breakfast Blend are good. I have had some duds, like Lake & Lodge and Nantucket blend. It kills me to admit this, but the Emeril Big Easy Bold is quite good. Also, I have been less than impressed with Timothy's and Gloria Jean's brands.

            1. I find I need a bold coffee in the keurig. Normally I prefer a mild blend but the coffee comes out a little weaker. My favorites are Timothy's Midnight Magic and Emeril's Big Easy Bold. As for a decaf, I like Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf. Btw, I find the best place to order from is Amazon. Although I have the attachment to use with your own coffee, it's not worth the effort.