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Aug 11, 2010 10:18 AM

Social Media and Wine

Hi all - I am writing my thesis (WSET honors) about if, how, and why wineries are using social media (SM) to market to millenials and am curious about your thoughts (both millennials and non-millennials welcoem to chim in.

Of all the SM available to wineries, which do you think is the most effective and why?

Marisa D'Vari,

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  1. I am a fan of many winerries on both Facebook and Twitter, and quite a few of them are taking advantage of these resources. One of my favorite reasons I enjoy keeping up with them on either is the fact that sometimes there are Facebook or Twitter only offers, and I think this is great. I have gotten awesome offers on 6 packs of wine, buy one get one free's, free shipping, dicounted pricing, and even library wines that are no longer offered online. I think it is a beautiful thing! Cheers! -mJ

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      Thank you njfoodies. You didn't say if you were an M or not, yet I believe you highlighted one of the advantages for the consumer for hooking up with wineries online.

    2. One of the questions you might ask is how effective social media is it at generating sales, especially repeat sales. Among those marketing managers I know, social media generates short-lived buzz but not necessarily sales or branded customers. Bottom line: Does it bump the bottom line?

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        Hi Maria Lorraine, yes, this is the message I'm getting in my research ...

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          I know that I can speak for many on the wine boards that I stop in on in saying that many of us were already repeat customers, and take advantage of their Twitter and Facebook offers.

          One of my favorite producers of Rhone styled wines located in the Santa Rita Hills does offers on Facebook with wines as much as 60% off. These are not leftover wines by any means. These are current releases that are nearly sold out, and they want to make room or get rid of the last of their inventory. I think it is a beautiful thing, and it has saved me much compared to buying these wines at list prices. Great way to have backups in the cellar! I wish more wineries would do things like this! -mJ

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            Ah yes, for already loyal customers, social media might be a great tool.

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          That has been my findings too - though through casual conversations, and not analytical studies. Many see little spikes, but in the course of a year, they cannot even be measured.

          Most do it out of the love of their wines, and little more.


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          1. is there an intended reason to exclude importers/distributors such as Kermit Lynch from your thesis?