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Aug 11, 2010 10:07 AM

Cleaned out Pantry: Too much Chinese Cooking Wine & Pomegranate Molasses. What to do?

Well, it's been a few years but we had to clear out our pantry to move a washing machine. On the back shelves I found 3 large bottles of Chinese Cooking Wine (Brands: Shaoxing Pagoda, Oriental Mascot, and something called Shao Hsing Cooking Wine with a big red label) and 2 bottles of Pomegranate Molasses (Brands: Cortas and Al wadi).

Don't want to keep these around forever. Ideas for using them? Which ones to keep and which to toss?

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  1. You can pour the pom molasses over stuff--ice cream, pancakes--or use it to tart up some sparkling water or even regular water. I'm also thinking you could add it as a tangy sweetener to smoothies, though I've never done this

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      Great idea.

      But my only recent experience with pom molasses was a huge embarrassment. I made a dish for a monthly pot luck group with baby carrots and PM. It came out tasting very weird and the carrots ... excuse the expression came out looking like ... turds. I still get sh.., er. grief from my friends for that one. Almost as bad as the woman who tried to make 2 lbs of rice with i cup of water

    2. For the cooking wine....make drunken chicken!

      Pomgranate molasses is a nice ingredient to use for glazing chicken or lamb, but doesn't necessarily use a lot at could also make muhammara:

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        Ummmm. Drunken chicken sounds lovely. We are breast meat folks only though and don't have a cleaver -- so will have to improvise.

        I made muhammara once - I think from a recipe I got here on CH. Just didn't work too well. Flavors didn't click somehow. And yes, that was my 2nd effort with PM. So now, I'm 0 for 2.

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          Drunken chicken and Three Cup Chicken will use up the cooking wine very quickly!

        2. Definitely make muhammara with the PM. You can also grind some walnuts (lots of walnuts), toast them with butter in a skillet, then pour in some PM and a little stock to make a sauce for roast chicken. It's like the Persian dish fessenjam, but much easier and more weeknight lowbrow dinner for the family. I'll even allow you to buy a supermarket roast chicken as long as it's not too salty.

          As far as the cooking wine goes, smell and taste them all. Keep the one that seems freshest, and toss the rest.

          1. For the PM: fessenjan and bademjan both are worth making for a sophisticated crowd.