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Aug 11, 2010 10:05 AM

Where to drink before dinner at Roberta's?

Hey chowhounders-

2 questions:

I'm looking for a place in Bushwick near the Morgan L stop to get some afternoon beer/cocktails before an early dinner at Roberta's. Any suggestions?

I know the Roberta's menu has gone through some changes since most of the reviews were written in 08-09, any recommendations from the current draft? What's a must try?

Thanks so much for your help!!

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  1. In terms of drinks, there are a few options: Roberta's has a bar-ish seating area outside, which may be just as well as anything else. The absolute closest bar to Roberta's is King's County, a block to the north, but it's a very dark divey place— not really what I think of for predinner drinks. Slightly farther are two more welcoming options: Duckduck, on Montrose near Graham, which has crafty taps and heavy pours, and Tandem, on Troutman to the Southeast, which has more refined speciality cocktails and a slightly fussier atmosphere.

    There are also two pleasant cafes with beer and wine, Cafe Orwell a block south of R's on Varet, and Boulevard Cafe on Bushwick.