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Aug 11, 2010 09:49 AM

I have a question which may sound silly. A poster said you should never order the exact same meal as your dining partner.

He said ordered the exact same meal as his fellow diner "because there were no other acceptable options..." and that "he knew that was a cardinal sin of dining out."
Is that true and, if so, why? Ever since I read that many months ago I have wondered about that.

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  1. I don't believe that at all. While it may be nice if you have a partner(s) that is willing to share, sometimes you won't. Can you imagine yourself at a professional lunch/dinner wishing you ordered what your boss/client did and then asking for a taste or to share your plates? Allergies, dislike of a certain element in the dish (preparation, ingredient), knowledge of a restaurant's strengths/weaknesses are among some of the other reasons I may have the exact same order as my dining partner.

    Order what you want. If you and your dining partner both want the fish, get it.

    1. Don't wonder about it. Order what you want.

      This is a CH meme - that best meals consist of a hundred different dishes and you get to have a single bite of each one because we have the attention span of gnats.

      Lots of people really do like all those tastes but it's not for everyone.

      1. Whenever I go to any good restaurant, I try not to order the same as my dining companion(s) since I usually want the chance to taste as much of the menu as possible. When I wait tables, I often (with subtlety of course) suggest tables diversify because sharing food with your dining partner is inherently fun- and if one person is a super picky annoying eater, it ups the likelihood they will like some of the food on the table.

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          Yes I love to share as well! I tend not to do 5 course tasting menus because I don't get to try as many things.

        2. I'll chime in before they move the thread.

          Going out to eat should always be a celebration of food. Eat whatever makes you happiest.

          1. What about restaurants that offer a set menu (Per Se, Ko, any tasting menu)? Everyone enjoys the same meal. I dine out very often, and many times there will be one dish that catches my eye (and my dining companion). I would feel cheated if I followed the rule that we must order different dishes and it turns out that my dining companion ordered the better dish. I've never heard of this silly rule, and it should be banished to the trash. My advice: Eat what you like!