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Aug 11, 2010 08:50 AM

Cornwall - places for a slap up posh meal

We're off on our hols to Cornwall in September and probably have one celebratory meal in our sights......but where to go? Seafood is a must - will I be brave enough to try my first oyster and if so where would anyone recommend?

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  1. Where in Cornwall it is a big county?

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    1. re: PhilD

      we're staying in mevagissey - so about an hours drive radius from there

      1. re: bakesneates

        I suspect you'll need to be thinking about the outer reaches of your drive time. There is absolutely eff-all worthwhile in the immediate environs of Mevagissey - not even a decent chippy.

    2. Would suggest the Driftwood Hotel near St Mawes or Tresanton Hotel at St Mawes - both within half an hour of Meva

      1. Sorry to jump on your discussion but is there anywhere good to eat in the Fowey/ Polruan area??

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        1. re: katcoo

          In Fowey, the "Other Place" is good, we enjoyed it, book upstairs. There are a few other places "Sam's" and "Food for Thought" are reputed to be OK but have not tried. Nathan Outlaw was the place but he closed and moved to Rock last year.

          A great pub literally on the beach a few minutes drive from Fowey is "The Rashleigh Inn" in Polkerris, it does really good F&C and Crab sandwiches