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Chopped, 8.10.10

Wow, I don't watch most of the "contest' shows, but it was hot, I was clicking mindlessly, and I happened to see a Boston contestant ( Rebecca Newell, of the Beehive) on Chopped. They had edited the whole thing to make her totally easy to hate, from the smirk on her face, that seemed to be her dominating expression, to every self-congratulating comment she made about her own work. Please tell me she's not that arrogant, pretentious, and egotistical a human being...She did win, but they made it really easy to root for _anyone_ else...

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  1. Didn't see it, but a couple of interesting comments here...pretty much everyone agreed with you. :-)


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      OMG! i watched it and I was so mad when she won I wanted to just boycott "Chopped" for at least 3 weeks. She was beyond arrogant and had to keep pointing out that she is not an airhead. maybe someone called her that a lot before and she felt she had something to prove. I did not even like the way any of her 3 courses looked. I have never been to Beehive and thanks to her attitude on the show I never will. I would never step foot in any restaurant where she works...EVER!!!!

    2. Her food seemed mega uncreative, too. Simplistic. And was the little inexperienced girl the best competition they could dredge up?

      1. I was disappointed every single time they complimented her food. I was hoping her first dish would see her chopped. The arrogance (or arrogance edit) was just too much.

        1. I did love the dirty looks Alex was giving her when she made those stupid comments.

          1. Oh, I just watched it, and was hoping and praying that she wouldn't win, but knew she would. She came off as such an arrogant, horrible person, I wonder if she really is that bad! I really liked Yoanne, too bad she didn't pull it off.

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              I wanted anyone to win but her...lol. I was rooting for Yoanne though. I was disappointed when she was chopped.

            2. I thought the same thing too. She's clearly insecure about something and has to act arrogant. But I think there's a bit of a double-standard. How many times have we seen male contestants like this? There's at least one arrogant male contestant per show but I think it's just less noticeable because we expect the women to be self-conscious and not confident about their dishes (a la Aarti on Next Food Network Star). Look at Kenny on Top Chef, he's constantly crowing about himself but everybody likes him, myself included.

              Also, if you don't want people to call you an airhead, don't ACT like an airhead. She had some really kooky comments outside of the arrogant ones.

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                Ummm, no - not everyone likes Kenny on Top Chef. I wasn't all that enamoured of him from the very beginning. His chest pounding "I'm the best" act got old real fast.

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                  I'm not fond of arrogant men, either...Annoys the hell out of me when they're sure they'll win, too. Of course, maybe the crew didn't like her either, so even tho she _did_ win, they still made sure she looked bad...
                  Agree with those rooting for Yoanne, but I knew those monochromatic dessert courses were going to be her downfall...

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                    It seems that Kenny has had far more haters than fans on the chow threads about top chef.

                    I find myself frequently annoyed by arrogance, both male and female.

                  2. Like, Rebecca was so, like obnoxious. Every like, time she said the word like, I wanted to, like stuff her head in the oven. Like.

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                      LOL! OK, I didn't even see the show, but this would have riled me up immediately!

                    2. Rebbecca was not only arrogant, her food looked messy. She never got out of her comfort zone. The French woman, on the other hand, was creative and while she didn't always succeed, it was clear where she was going and what she was up to.

                      On the other hand, I loved that they lined up four talented women to compete on this episode.

                      1. I, too, saw this episode of Chopped and while Rebecca did appear to be a bit arrogant I can assure you that she is not! She and I were teammates while in school at the University of Maine and I found her to be witty, caring, and an overall genuine person. I believe she is a great chef and the show may have taken her comments out of context to make her out to be the villain for the purpose of good tv. The fact is she won with a tough panel of judges. Give her a break!

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                          While the editing certainly may have emphasized her obnoxious comments, she still said every single one of them, and her arrogant attitude was apparent in every scene. Her comments to the judges were haughty, her facial expressions to the other contestants were horrible, her high opinions of her own talents were over the top...nothing about her came off as witty, caring or genuine...except that she was genuinely an ass...

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                            She was pretty obnoxious, but I can attest that the food's pretty good at Beehive in the comfort food.

                            Maybe we can set up a match between her and Tiffany Faison, from Top Chef season 1, whose restaurant Rocca is about 3 or 4 blocks away.

                        2. speaking only for myself, i try not to judge arts by the artist's personality.

                          Picasso was a misogynist. knowing that might inform his paintings, but it doesn't make them less.

                          if her food delivers, then i'll go to her restaurant. why should i be punished for her bad behavior?