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Aug 11, 2010 07:25 AM

BBQ Help! (In TN)

I'm visiting TN next week for a motorcycle trip from Nashville to Memphis and am looking for some good BBQ joints along the way. We'll traveling a north route from Nashville to Memphis by way of Camden, then returning on a more southernly route with stops a Pickwick State Park, then on to Kelso and Lynchburg, and finally back up to Nashville. If anyone can give some good recommendations, I'd surely appreciate it. Thanks so much and am looking forward to my first trip to Tennessee!

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  1. The Smokehouse BBQ in Camden, TN is excellent. Stay on Highway 70 S of Camden, TN and take Highway 641 N 3 miles pass School Drive for good road BBQ. You can take Highway 1 through downtown Camden, TN and still go N on Highway 641 just past downtown. Either way is fine.

    The Smokehouse @ 307 Highway 641 N, Camden, TN 731 - 584 - 4430.

    Take Highway 70 through downtown Huntingdon, TN. Don't take a bypass. You will find good BBQ at CB's BBQ on your left just after you go through downtown and before you get to Veteran's Drive.

    CB's BBQ @ 19062 W. Main St., Huntingdon, TN 731 - 986 - 9966.

    Are you going to stay on Highway 70 and link up with I 40 near Jackson, TN or take Highway 79 through Milan, TN. There's good BBQ in Brownsville, TN just E of Memphis, TN on Highway 79 at Backyard BBQ. Back yard has a place in Jackson, TN also if you stay on Highway 70.

    Backyard Bar Be Cue @ 703 East Main St., Brownsville, TN 731 - 772 - 1121.
    Backyard Bar Be Cue @ 186 Old Hickory Blvd., Jackson, TN 731 - 424 - 7640.

    Do you plan to stop in Memphis, TN or bypass Memphis, TN completely and head S to Shiloah and Pickwick before you reach Memphis, TN. If your trip takes you through Bolivar, TN which is just E of Memphis, TN and SW of Jackson, TN then don't miss Richard's BBQ which is one block N of Highway 64 in Bolivar, TN.

    Richard's BBQ @ 413 West Jackson St., Bolivar, TN 731 - 658 - 7652.

    If you go through Savannah, TN when you leave Pickwick then stop at Hickory Pit for good BBQ.

    Hickory Pit BBQ @ 555 Main St., Savannah, TN 731 - 925 - 2268.

    Hickory House BBQ in Pulaski, TN will be the best BBQ you will find on your trip outside downtown Memphis, TN.

    Hickory House Restaurant @ 330 South Patterson St., Pulaski, TN 931 - 363 - 0231.

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      1. re: jamiecarroll

        Littleman and Jamie - wow! Thanks so much... I definitely have some hard choices to make, but it sounds like whichever one I choose will be good!

    1. Whitt's BBQ in Nashville, a childhood favorite.

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      1. re: cookiekelly

        I'm sorry to be contrary, but Whitt's is not good. Being a Memphian who lived for a few years in Nashville, I will never forget my one and only Whitt's experience. Two words - mayo and pickels.

        1. re: Michael H

          ^^^^ Ditto -- In Nashville try Mary's Old Fashioned Barbecue on Jefferson. Mind blowing barbecue sauce.

        2. re: cookiekelly

          You are right, cookie, Whitt's is good and I never had mayo or pickles. I grew up in KY and among other places lived in Nashville for a few years. In KY barbeque is just good old smoked meat and not messed up with "mind-blowing sauce". When I needed a Nashville barbeque fix, I went to Whitt's - guess I am contrary too. To each his own...

          1. re: libstewart

            Uh, I hate to tell you you're wrong...but you're wrong. I live less than a quarter mile from a Whitts. Every barbecue sandwich comes dressed with mayo, slaw, and a pickle. If you don't believe me, here's the sign:

            They can't even spell mayonnaise correctly!

            1. re: jamiecarroll

              Thanks, Jamie. I was pretty sure I remembered correctly. But I misspelled pickle!

              The point I was making is that if the visitor were looking for some representative and outstanding barbecue from middle and west tennessee, Whitt's would not fit that bill. No offense meant to those who like it, but I think purists would agree with me.

              Jamie's photo blogs are excellent and right on the money.

              1. re: jamiecarroll

                Then they have changed since the late 80's when I lived there. I guess Nashville is a BBQ wasteland now :-)

                There is the possibility that I would have never ordered a sandwich, but bulk BBQ by the pound instead - but I would remember that sign. Mayo and pickles on BBQ????? I have never heard of it before.

                1. re: libstewart

                  I'll be in Nashville Sept 10 and 11 and looking for a BBQ place for lunch before the LSU vs Vandy football game.
                  Is Jack's any good?

                  1. re: Shelb

                    Jack's is not bad if you need to stay downtown. Mary's on Jefferson St. is better, Jimmy Carl's on 12 South is better and Calhoun's on White Bridge is Better. For God's sake stay away from Hog Heaven by Centennial Park oh and stay away From Neelys in Metro Center.

                    1. re: Cameraman

                      We'll have a car, so no need to stay downtown. Planning on the Pancake Pantry for breakfast so we'll need something before the game.
                      What is good in the Vandy area after the game? Broadway Brewhouse worthwhile?


                      Pancake Pantry
                      1796 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212

                      1. re: Shelb

                        Jack's is about as good as there is in the city on a Saturday (Jimmy Carl's will not be open on Sat), without driving out into the surrounding counties, and I'm not sure those places are even worth it if your time is limited. Nashville is not really a great BBQ town, so have realistic expectations.

                        Broadway Brewhouse is a fun hangout, and they have a lot of beers to choose from. It will be packed on a Saturday night. I'm not sure that they serve food past 10 PM.

                    2. re: Shelb

                      Jack's on Trinity is the better location. Martin's on Nolensville Road is very good also.

                      Jack's BBQ @ 334 West Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN 615 - 228 - 9888.

                      Martin's Bar B Que @ 7238 Nolensville Rd., Nashville, TN. 615 - 776 - 1856. *