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Aug 11, 2010 07:18 AM

appetizer and dessert ideas for a special dinner

I'm hosting a birthday/anniversary dinner this Friday and need some ideas. For the main course I'm making Seared Scallops with Tomato Buerre Blance from Gourmet. I'm thinking as sides either basmati or orzo risotto and perhaps haricot verts. I'm stumped as to an app and dessert. The weather has been quite warm here in Boston this summer so I am looking for some light items, since the main will be fairly rich..Thanks in advance for any help you can provide-I seem to be stumped on this one! PS-there are no allergies or restrictions that need to be considered..

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  1. How about a strawberry tiramisu. It;s easy ro make and can be made ahead of time.

    1. José Andres has a recipe for strawberries macerated in red wine to follow the strawberry suggestion. A tad lighter than tiramisu (no marscapone) but relatively simple and can be made ahead.

      I was going to suggest a roasted fig with honey and piment d'espelette or a strawberry gelée but both have issues with heat (extra heat to make the former, and heat melting the latter).

      For an appetizer, foie gras torchon, or a beef carpaccio or vitello tonnato?

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        thanks for these ideas. I found a recipe on food and wine for a strawberry lime gelee that sounds amazing!

      2. How about a tomato bouquet for the app, if you don't mind another course with tomato. Peel and core one tomato per person, stick baby greens in the hollow and a few enoki mushrooms for height. Squirt a light vinaigrette into the hollow and some on the plate. Sprinkle finely diced red onion, green and yellow sweet peppers around the base.

        Tomatoes are so good right now, and that would take care of a salad course. Plus, it's a lovely presentation.

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          That sounds lovely. Tomatoes are so good right now at the farmer's market, compared to last year!