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Aug 11, 2010 07:05 AM

The Invasion of FN shows on Travel Channel

We knew it was inevitable when the media company that owns the FN bought the Travel Channel and their stable of cable channels.

At least these are shows that are somewhat remotely connected to travel. The three I saw advertised are:

Rachel Ray's $40 a Day.
Sandra Pinckney's show and
Al Roker's show.

Pickney's show is innocuous enough, I don't watch it because its so bland. RR's show used to be OK if nothing else, it gives me ideas as to where to go when I travel, but the premise of the show is bogus because they do so much to cut back in order to make the $40 limit that the selections at the restaurants are boring. I'd rather see a wider variety of foods than seeing them make their $40 limit. And then there is that perkiness quotient...

Roker drives me nuts, I don't need to be shouted at in order to pay attention. It seems that he does a lot of shouting.

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  1. Are these new episodes of $40/day? I always kind of liked that show too but as you say, it'd be bare bones ordering then tipping about 9%. And when you consider shows like the best burgers etc., Man vs Food and No Reservations, it's pretty food oriented already.

    I don't understand what that Ghost show has to do with traveling tho. I guess they go to a different place for ghosts, but do they really explore whatever towon?

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    1. re: Joanie

      Poor choice of show to rerun. That $40/day show is SO old*, not only would you not be able to eat at those same places for that little these days, but I bet half those places aren't in business anymore. Sad but true.

      (*RR's voice still sounds reasonably clear. Ha!)

    2. Wonder what Anthony Bourdain thinks of this? I remember him on previous seasons of No Reservations where he dissed the Food Network and make a few snide comments about Rachel Ray. I agree that the Travel Channel is already quite food oriented with Man Vs Food, No Reservations and Andrew Z's shows so hope they don't add even more unless the format is something truly unique/not already seen on other channels. I wouldn't mind a show that visited restaurants around the world and showed how they used the local area to source food, gain culinary inspiration etc.

      I like Samantha Brown's shows - the food is not the centerpiece but rather a part of the episode that helps provide insight into local culture. I hope they do more shows like hers. Please do not add yet another cooking competition or another 30minute "food personality" hosted cooking program, I don't see how those types of shows are appropriate on a travel channel.

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      1. re: SeoulQueen

        Bourdain addresses that in his new book. He is pretty resigned to the fact that he is working for the enemy.

      2. I think the Al Roker shoe is close six or seven years old.