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Aug 24, 2005 06:14 PM

Top notch bakery in westside?

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Can anyone recommend a nice bakery in westside? Just moved from NYC, missed all the delicious cakes from Venero, Dessert Delivery and Payard. Thanks.

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  1. Angel Maid Bakery on Centinela Blvd between Culver and Washington Blvd. Mostly for ordering cakes but have a small assortment of very good quality pastries on hand.

    1. JIN PATISSERIE in Venice has PAYARD quality cakes and cookies on the westside. BOULE is also excellent with more selection, although not exactly on the westside. The west coast branch of CITY BAKERY is supposedly coming soon to the Brentwood Country Mart.

      1. Amandine on Wilshire and Bundy.

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          Second that.

        2. Hansen's cakes in Beverly Hills. Decadent, gorgeous and addictive

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            i very much dislike hansen's. their cakes are average in terms of flavor and sub-par in terms of appearance.

          2. Across from Trader Joe's in Santa Monica (Pico and 30th), there's a French patissiere who makes great cakes/tarts. There's no shop per se, just the bakery, but they're open to the public. Just ring the bell and they'll let you in.