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Convivium Osteria--Menu Favorites

My husband and I received a gift cert to Convivium Osteria for our anniversary--very exciting! The menu looks wonderful but would love to hear comments/ reviews on your particular favorites or specialities. I read in a previous post that absolutely every pasta dish is outstanding...

Thank you..

Convivium Osteria
68 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  1. I've never been disappointed with anything there. If they are offering the seafood tapas (they unfortunately weren't when I was there a month ago!) it is terrific; the charcuterie tapas is almost as good. And while they have lots of interesting dishes, including the rabbit, and I tend not to order steak at a place that has more elaborate offerings, the rib-eye for two is just exceptional. It's a weird, giant and almost primitive looking cut that is really charred on the outside and juicy inside.

    1. I love this place, much better than Al Di La. I seem to order the Quail w/ figs appetizer every time. Have fun!

      found the menu, its called 'Codorniz Com Figos Secos E Vinho Do Porto'.

      I really enjoy the simple braised artichoke in olive oil appetizer also.

      Al Di La
      248 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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        Agreed on the Quail appetizer. Excellent. And I love the pork entree.

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          ditto re the quail , rabbit and pork. We have had good fish too. I dont think I remember a bad dish.
          ask for their wine recommendations - they have some very good Spanish wines and ports.

          Convivium Osteria
          68 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

      2. I love, love, love the ravioli with apples and cinnamon. In fact, it may be time to head back there!

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          The rabbit dish there is excellent! The artichokes are great too. Personally, i would not order pasta in a non-Italian place, but maybe that's just me.

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            Ditto for the Ravioli. And every other Pasta dish I have ever had there has been outstanding. The Quail and rabbit are worth the trip. Now you have me thinking about going back very, very soon.

            If this was a gift for an anniversary, you will love the elegant, yet simple, romantic ambiance. Ask to be seated downstairs in the wine cellar when you make your reservation. The wine list is especially good, and the service is professional and correct.

            To OP : don't be afraid of Pasta in a non-Italian restaurant. Other cuisines from the region have outstanding pasta as well.

          2. The assorted meat and cheese appretizer "for two" is very good and could easily feed four. And the rabbit, as others have noted, is really great. The wine list is eclectic and reasonable. I was disappointed with the pasta last time I went and basically ate my husband's rabbit.
            The place is charming and romantic. Enjoy!

            1. if you enjoy steak, the steak for two blows most steak houses away. easily.

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                I always order the rack of lamb and the cauliflower, two of my favorite foods.

              2. Just came back from my wife's 40th birthday dinner. Can't believe we hadn't been here yet. Excellent meal. Decor was rustic, the wine cellar ambiance was similar to Peasant, but even nicer. Had the octopus, which was seriously the best I've ever eaten. Braised artichoke was also fantastic. Wife had the spinach gnocchi and is still talking about it. The ravioli with duck ragu was fresh and vibrant. Love the hint of cinnamon and apple. Agreed that pastas here are on par with Al di La.

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                  Convivium is one of my favorite restaurants. It doesn't get the hype that a lot of other Brooklyn restaurants do but that makes it easier to get a reservation! Not only is the food fantastic but I love the decor and ambience.

                  I almost always order the rabbit. It's delicious. The ravioli with duck ragu is also a favorite of mine. And the Portuguese and Spanish wines are a treat. Lots of choices you don't find elsewhere. Enjoy!