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Aug 11, 2010 05:52 AM


Will be in south boston this weekend was thinking of going over to ledge or 88 wharf whats the buzz on them

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  1. I like 88 Wharf (love the location on the Neponset River), though a number of people don't seem too crazy about it. Have only had drinks at The Ledge. Seemed like a decent neighborhood spot--perhaps just a bit more casual than 88 Wharf.

    Neponset Cafe
    497 Washington St, Canton, MA 02021

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      I like the Ashmont Grill very much and have heard good things about DBar (haven't been). My favorite Dorchester food, however, can be found at the fabulous and funky Vietnamese places along Dot Avenue: try Sunrise Cafe. But, of course, no bar scene there.

      Ashmont Grill
      555 Talbot Ave, Dorchester Center, MA 02124

    2. Haven't tried the Wharf, but was really pretty happy with the Ledge's crabcakes. They have a nice bar and a great outdoor patio. My experience there has been quite good. If you like Indian, then i would definitely recommend the Shanti on Dot Ave.

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        good on indian i loved bbq international in allston many years ago but have not been fan of indian since Ledge has been getting beat up on yelp I thought they brought in former chef fron eastern standard

      2. Pho Hoa for pho and Ba Le for Bahn Mi are both delightful discoveries that I have made along Dot Ave. and as a new resident I am thrilled at the ethnic food choices. A friend and I wandered into Antojitos y Panaderia Chapina for Guatemalan food and had a good experience overall. I am excitied to try Shanti as Pegmeister recommended as that is in walking distance from my house.

        Ba Le Cafe
        1449 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA

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          Just as an FYI, when I go to the Shanti, I prefer to order off the menu. The buffet they have during the day is okay, but the dinner and specials menu has a lot more to offer. If you fill out the comment card and provide your e-mail address, they will send you periodic updates with a 20% off coupon. They also just sent me a $20 off coupon for my birthday, so I'll probably stop by soon. Since you are new to the neighborhood, I'm wondering if you have tried the Harp & Bard? They did the place over last year and did a pretty good job. Food is decent, just avoid the shrimp scampi pizza as that it is a total ripoff.

          1. re: Pegmeister

            harp owner did a nice job on rehab with the hopes of selling out is my thought but food is still just ok and he can be kind of a you fill that in

            1. re: OLDCHEF

              Hadn't heard anything about him selling out. My understanding is that he is turning it over to his daughter If Maura is granted the freedom to make the choices in running the place, they could be really successful. I know I won't go back as long as Galvin is there. Nice, reno, but same vibe.

            2. re: Pegmeister

              Our first experience at Harp and Bard was not good service-wise, my BF waited half an hour for a beer, while he was waiting for me to show up. Service from then on was reasonable, so we will probably give it another shot. We also happened into dbar for Show Tune Tuesday and while show tunes are not my thing, the video jockey did a pretty spectacular job, it was a fun night and I am looking forward to giving the food a try there.

              Chau Chau on Morrisey Blvd. was also a happy discovery that will save us a drive to Chinatown if we re not in the mood. I noticed on their board they had a bunch of Vietnamese specials not posted in English and was curious if anybody has tried any of these.

              1. re: suzysue2

                Another place you might like is Cafe Polonia. It's just a quick walk from the Andrew Station T stop. I absolutely love their gypsy pancake which is hungarian goulash sandwiched between two potato pancakes. Tiny place, very comfortable and friendly, good selection of Polish beers.

                Cafe Polonia
                611 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127

                1. re: Pegmeister

                  Good call. The only reason I'm ready for Fall is to be able to get back to places like Polonia ... hearty comfort food in cozy settings. I'm going to start making my Fall 2010 list now.

          2. Another spot that doesn't get much play here is Tavolo, on Dot Av. I like it. Good bar, fair prices and tasty food. Did I mention free parking?

            1918 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester Center, MA 02124

            1. i third the recommendation for vietnamese. especially pho 2000, pho so 1, pho hoa, anh hong, and ba le bakery. i haven't been to shanti in many years but they had good indian food