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Aug 11, 2010 03:40 AM

Master Chef Round Three [spoilers]

I thought this was an interesting concept, but after watching part 3 with all the trumped up drama of the judges making much of pretending people where eliminated when they weren't ("you're NOT" - major pause for drama - "going home today"), I'm turned off.

Also, why are eliminated participants saying how much they got out of this. Is there actual learning going on besides watching Gordon Ramsay cut up one onion?

And who is the skinny little judge who doesn't say much?

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  1. The quiet, menacing one is Joe Bastiniach.

    I, too, wondered about the opportunity for learning.

    And, yes, I hate the

    I'm sorry but...
    I'm sorry but I need all three of you...
    I'm sorry but I need all three of you to untie your aprons...
    I'm sorry but I need all three of you to untie your aprons and retie them even tighter.

    Manufactured drama. Bah.


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      I esp. hated when Graham takes of his glasses, rubs his eyes, then gives the good news.

      I felt bad for the guy with the missing fingers, was hoping he'd get to go on. The dude from Mass. who's kind of a putz seems like he can cook and is a little more humble than when he started. I thought the salad with the poached egg looked good and was surprised it got pooh poohed for being "just a salad". That look that Bastiniach gives after every tasting is stupid too.

      And did the judges taste every dish or did one judge get one contestant (I refuse to call them cheftestants)?

      1. re: Joanie

        They've definitely asked the judges (mostly Bastiniach) to hype the dramatic stare-downs. Could do with fewer of them. But that's reality TV for you. (Just like the dramatic "dum-dum-DUM!" music we got to hear 2x on HK before the winning door opened.)

        I was impressed with some of the egg dishes - but hello? Bringing out 20,000 eggs? Absolutely silly. And WTH was up with Spaghetti Frittata man? GR said "the egg is to be the star/hero of the dish." Where was the egg? Oh - it's mixed into the spaghetti and the rest of the stuff. Yeah. You're SO outta here.

        And it takes 90 minutes to slice and dice onions for the last two people left in that challenge? Yikes. How many onions do people think it would take to fill each of those bowls? The onions were of good size - I'm thinking 5-7 onions sliced and maybe 8 or 9 for diced? (BTW, did we see ANY contestant crying after cutting up all of those onions? Don't think so...I know I would have been a snuffly-sniffly mess.)

        But like Budser1228, I wish they had shown more of the technique from GR vs. the drama of one of the judges coming up, putting their hand on a contestant's shoulder and saying "You - stop NOW." and then having GR and GE run their fingers through each bowl to determine whether slices and dices were done correctly.

        I'll continue to watch, but I do wish there was more showing technique and less drama.

        1. re: LindaWhit

          Count me in on being over the drama. I am also over the software engineer who got a lot of air time, but then again I was over him from the very first episode.

          I also wish they would have shown more technique, I didn't even realize they had to dice the onions until the contestants were well into prepping.

          I thought it was easy to figure out who wasn't moving on to the next round by just looking at the dishes, spaghetti frittata and goat cheese french toast I'm looking at you.

    2. Gordon Ramsay sliced only one onion yet they had a slicing and a dicing bowl for their cut up onions so obviously they were shown at least once how to dice an onion and they are cutting out techniques that people at home could learn from.
      I know in the horrible food network show - worst cook - that they showed all the cuts and how to make them.
      The drama is just annoying - it's not suspenseful.

      1. Agree so much about the unnecessary drama. Gimme a break.

        Also dumb: trucking in pallets of eggs when each person could only have one. I can understand wanting to make things interesting, but this is just too ridiculous.

        And I was cringing when the onions were dumped from the back of the truck that like, bruising all that produce! Also didn't understand the point of 2 of them being 90 minutes in (or some ridiculous length of time) and still chopping onions. Also none of them seemed to be suffering ill effects from it. I would've been a tearing, sniveling mess if I were chopping onions for 90 minutes. So much of this doesn't make sense. I'm already less interested in this show than I was after 1st episode.

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        1. re: Niblet

          I, too, wondered why no one was crying from the onions!


          1. re: Niblet

            Good catch on the onions and crying! I didn't even think about it.

            1. re: Niblet

              Totally agree about the eggs: I could have cried at the waste, but I don't care enough about the show.

              However, as a huge fan (addict) of eggs, I was so excited by the challenge. Picked up precious few ideas, and those who presented them (e.g., the Jamaican woman who made an egg sandwich with Trinidadian bara) got booted off.

            2. What was also interesting is that the 3 chef/judges always make a big deal about the southern woman who is 22. How they brought her family in, etc and made a comment about not going back to university because she is advancing to the next round. But, they ignore the fact that there is another 22 year old woman who also put college on hold - she's the Vietnamese American woman who made the fried spring roll with the egg.

              Way too much drama and fake suspense. I try and fast forward through it. But, I like seeing the contestants different styles of dishes.

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              1. re: beetlebug

                I noticed that and thought it was completely bizarre.


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  I also noticed the differences in how the two 22 year olds were treated....bizarre and unfair.

              2. The attempts to create suspense were so much FAIL.

                Before it's revealed whether a contestant is in or sent home, their talking head interviews reveal instantly what happened: if they're wearing their aprons, well duh they got to stay. The last contestant to be chopped from the onion challenge, for instance, was interviewed not wearing her apron, and it seemed the editors tried to work around this absence by hiding almost all of her behind a caption. She was a small woman, so if the caption were any bigger, you wouldn't have been able to see her face.