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Aug 10, 2010 10:09 PM

Can you identify this resto?

Do you know the name of my mystery restaurant?

Last year, I stumbled across a restaurant that also has a seafood market inside. You pick the seafood and they cook it for you. It has bench style seating and appears to be very popular with Middle Eastern families. I think it was on Cote des Neiges near Cote Sainte-Catherine. I recall it was on a steep hill with a McDonald's a couple of blocks (maybe 1?) away.

I arrived at closing time so I took a card and swore that I would come back on my next visit to Montreal. However, after the birth of my baby, I can not dig up the card nor remember the name of the restaurant.

The restaurant has a website and I believe it's a chain with 2 locations. I'd recognize the website in an instant, if only I could remember its name...

Any guesses?

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  1. Sounds like Poissonnerie Ryan.

    6080 Côte-des-Neiges
    514 735-6866

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        I wrote a note about it some time ago on this board, always was curious since it was full of people on weekends, i had octopus for appetizer and i think the fish was a dore if i recall correctly, they ask the manner you want it cooked, comes with large salad (my choice)or fries. Several people were buying fish to take home. The fish I had was delicious (i had it grilled) and wasnt costly but it goes by weight so bigger fish, bigger bill. Free parking on side streets. Nothing fancy inside but reasonable place for variety of fish.
        It is located directly across from Mcdonalds, intersection is Linton and Cote des Neiges. The waitress told me the owners are egyptian.

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          Thanks for the report! I never noticed this place before but will have to try it out.

          1. re: kpzoo

            i forgot to mention the octopus was not in display windows but was kept in
            a pail on a shelf but he was chopping up some tentacles for another customer so i decided to have some too

      2. re: carswell

        For the search engine, the name is Poissonnerie Rayan. Sorry for the typo.

        It also appears they have a second, east end location: 4526 Belanger (514 725-6868).

        Speaking of the search engine, if you plug Rayan into it, you'll get several reports.

      3. Bingo! I recognized the website. Thanks and I'll try to report back after we head there next week (if we make it).

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          We made it! The food is really good. It's not fancy by any stretch of the imagination, and it appears that if you make reservations you can get free honey dates which are set on the table.

          The two of us ate well for $35 which included one beer, a giant serving of calamari, tilapia, fresh veg and fries. We were seated at the back because we didn't have a reservation, which I tried to make by email, but don't bother because it's not read. It is tough to get a seat because nearly all the tables were taken for both seatings. The seafood can be cooked any way you want, but I would say that deep fried seems to be their specialty, and nearly every group ordered their calamari.