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Aug 10, 2010 09:04 PM

Best Denver Hot Wings


I consider hot wings one of my favorite comfort foods. I like the wings at Thunderbird burger which I discovered when I lived in Boulder. Now they have a Denver location which delighted me since I moved here as well. I haven't really had a chance to explore other options. Any suggestions.

I like hot and vinegary wings. Thunderbird's xxx is awesome. You start to feel the burn as the wing approaches your lips. However I usually stay with the extra hot on most days.

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  1. I've enjoyed Luciano's. But I eagerly await the responses of more informed Denver diners as I've been wondering the same thing myself...

    1. they are not "hot wings" so maybe they won't satisfy for you, but the best wings I have had anywhere are at Wild Mountain Smokehouse in Nederland. They smoke them then finish them on the grill, and they are fall off the bone tender and delicious. They do put a hot sauce on them, but it's not an overpowering hot sauce, as the smoke/grill flavor is what sets these wings apart.

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        Having restarted my weekly summer sojourn to Nederland for mountain biking, and thus my weekly summer sojourn to Wild Mt Smokehouse for beer and bbq after, I must restate how fantastic their wings are. The rest of their bbq is good, not amazing (though it is nice that they have a wide selection of sauces), but the wings! I could eat them every week. I do eat them every week!

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          He ain't lying. Best smoked wings I've ever had, nice and meaty and real smoke flavor. The sauce tastes like butter and hot sauce smoked over hickory - no idea how they do it, but damn if it isn't tasty. The beans there are also great, as are the beers. Definitely worth a stop on your way back from the Peak to Peak.

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            thanks for the tip about Wild Mt Smokehouse! just down the hill, I've actually enjoyed the wings t the Boulder Beer co on Wilderness. Also have recently discovered CD's wings in Westminster: seems like an obvious one but I dont see it on this thread yet!

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              If you like good beer and wings, I can't think of a better place than Wild Mountain. :-)

      2. We had a small discussion in a pizza thread so it's better to move the dialog here. I tend to like very crispy, very hot wings so I'm not a good "generalist" but places I suggest someone try:

        1. Woody's Wings (I have been several times to one on 3rd and Havana have also heard there is an outlet on Chambers or something). These are crispy and delightfully hot.. in fact I have to do the Atomic on the side and not on the wing as it would be blistering.
        2. Piper Inn- these are good in the "Buffalo" style but even better in the "Chinese Hot" style. This is heresy that someone like me would recommend a non-buffalo type wing but that's how good these are. Caution- high blood pressure sufferers stay away- these are very salty.
        3. Golden Flame- I haven't tried these yet but have heard good things. (East Hampden in Aurora)
        4. Agree with Lucianos
        5. Inconsistent delivery- but surprisingly good wings *can* be found at Earl's. A friend works there so have been in quite a few times.

        Will shamefully admit that I get cravings for BW-3's "Blazing" wings. Not a gold-standard wing- but there are very few substitutes for that heat.

        Glad to hear about Thunderbird.. will check them out!

        Woody's Wings
        313 Havana St, Aurora, CO 80010

        Piper Inn Bar
        2251 S Parker Rd, Denver, CO 80231

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          Since Blisstone bumped I will bump to say that I tried Golden Flame a few months back and thought they were VERY good wings. The heat wasn't as hot as I wanted on the "hot" style.. but the flavor was very unique and the wings were meaty AND crispy.

        2. If you are referring to the Thunderbird location on Blake Street in Denver, it's already closed with another restaurant getting ready to open in the same space.

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            I hadn't been in a while due to having a bf who did all the cooking and did great wings himself. But now he's in the past and now Thunderbird is in the pat as well. Oooooh! what's a girl to do?

          2. I had the 420 wings at falling rock taphouse in nov 2010 and they were amazing. I don't know exactly what they were called, I don't see them listed in their online menu, and I'd die for a recipe...