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Aug 10, 2010 08:24 PM

Dinner & brunch around Central Valley, NY

A friend and I will be staying overnight near Woodbury Commons outlet mall (Central Valley, NY) for the weekend.

We'd like recommendations for dinner (no chain restos, please) in the outlying areas, and brunch the next morning.
Price range $20-$30, any style of cuisine welcome.
Any address provided - we'll GPS it.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. How far are you willing to travel? There isn't much beyond chain restaurants near Woodbury Commons, so we could use some guidelines before making suggestions.

    Also, are you saying you don't want to spend more than $30 for dinner? Does that include alcohol and tip?

    Brunch at the Hotel Thayer, on the West Point campus, is a local favorite. I haven't eaten there in so long that I defer to others to comment on whether it's still worthwhile for the food.

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      The Black Forest Mill at 716 Route 32 Highland Mills, NY 10930 (a few miles past the mall) has decent very reasonable German food. also sells coupons for it.

      Black Forest Mill Restaurant
      716 Route 32, Highland Mills, NY 10930

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        I'll say I won't mind a 10-15 minute drive (from the Commons), as long as good food is at that destination!

        I'm going to try to keep my Saturday alcohol-free because I've got an anniversary get-together Sunday eve that will definitely involve booze.

      2. Cosimo's Woodbury Brick Oven is about 1/4 mile north of Woodbury Commons and is quite good. Technically, they are a chain- they have 4 local restaurants, but they use local and seasonal fresh ingredients. Nice for dinner or lunch.

        1. For dinner, Catherine's in Goshen is excellent. So is the Bulls Head Inn in Campbell Hall. Schlesinger's in New Windsor might be another good place. I agree with the recommendation of Cosimo's. Even though there are several locations, it is not at all chain-like.

          For brunch, I'd recommend Painter's in Cornwall-on-Hudson. The Thayer Hotel at West Point is lovely for its scenery, but I don't find the food to be anything special.

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            Thanks all for your suggestions. This means I'll have to go back to eat!
            Leslie thanx for the Cosimo's suggestion, we went there and happily ate their superb Italian fare. Now I know where to go after a day of shopping..

            We unfortunately didn't make it to Painter's, but their brunch menu looked awesome. Guess we have to save some for next time..