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Aug 10, 2010 08:15 PM

campisi's pizza-I didn't want to believe

the doomsayers.. Seems like two camps exist,, on one side, those who love the pizza here and others who hate it.. Put me in the latter.. On this trip to Dallas-Plano I decided on a pie and salad for dinner at the Campisi on W.Parker.. Figuring,, they've been in business for 50 years or so,, and,, the original owners were Italian I just kind of assumed the pizza would be tasty. Boy was I wrong... tasteless best decribes my dinning experience.. My mushroom medium sized pizza was flat and dull.. the sauce, cheese, mushrooms, crust, was unremarkable, totally void of flavor! I would rate this pizza on par with the big chains,, but behind Domino's, at best .. I also had a small dinner salad which was lifeless and limp,, absolutely drenched in there house dressing.. I'll not be returning to this or any other Campisi location,, like ever!

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  1. I totally agree! I cannot believe the people who rave about their HORRID food. It might of been good for Dallas 50 years ago but, we live in a different age now.

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      Looks like we have a couple of folks who don't care for Campisi's pizza. I don't run into people like you often. I love their food. Have visited most locations. Love the pizza, salad and pasta..

    2. I don't understand the Campisi's love either. Their food is mediocre at best.

      1. tasteless does indeed describe their pizza. Campisi'a has always been a mystery to me.

        1. I've been a long time Campisi's basher but I'll admit to occasionally getting in the mood for one of their famous sausage pizzas and it's OK.

          I'm not a fan of thin crust pizza so Campisi's would never be my go to pizza place.

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            Been a fan since childhood, and I have maintained that might be reason why many people enjoy the foods they do. Might note that there was a recent major overhaul at the Egyptian (long past due) and Joe is tweeting from heaven.

          2. Bornie, next time you come to Plano, cross the street and go to Covino's. Much better.

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              Plano Rose,, Covino's is on my short list.. I've been staying in a Marriott near Legacy in Plano and I must say,, a Thai restaurant (name escapes me) in the strip there is fantastico! I'll try the Turkish restaurant nearby as well..