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Forgetting to eat

I. Never. "Forget." To Eat.

Eating, I fully admit, is the foremost thing on my mind, pretty much every waking second. I'm a food writer—but the obsession preceded the profession.

When people say they skipped a meal because they "forgot"—I just can't process that information.

If you're a forgetter, what absorbs you so? When you remember, what reminds you? Just curious.

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  1. I often forget when I'm in my studio painting. I usually start painting about ten in the morning when the house is empty and mean to stop by noon for lunch (and to give my back a break) but often find myself heading into the house at 2 or 3 looking for a late lunch.

    1. i've never forgotten to eat. i have been so engrossed in a project, artistic or otherwise, that the time has slipped away from me, and i don't notice until i'm very hungry

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        Yeah, I don't really totally forget to eat, but when I'm really focusing on work or a project, I don't really think about food until I'm very hungry. I can go eight or more hours without food as long as I have a cup of coffee next to me. That is unfortunate because then I don't plan meals and wind up choosing midless fast food.

      2. I forget to eat when ...

        ... I am sick

        ... I am preoccupied with work.

        ... I am preoccupied with [ahem] a significant other.

        1. When it's really hot and humid out. Especially if that is paired with some additional stress. Food becomes unappealing so I don't think about it until I feel cranky and lightheaded.

          1. I start planning for lunch as soon as I finish breakfast, and dinner as soon as I finish lunch. I assemble the ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast before I go to sleep. Forgetting to eat is, to me, unthinkable. I might intentionally skip a meal for whatever reason, but never forget one.

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              I'm right there with you RealMenJ... forgetting to eat is unthinkable for me. I always wonder too when I hear someone say that. I have NEVER forgotten to eat. Intentional skipping yes, forgetting no. It must be a gene that I don't have. Even if I'm totally engrossed in something I don't forget.

            2. I don't really understand the 'forget' to eat thing either. Even when I'm elbow deep in something disgusting at work I am still planning my next meal or what's for dinner. I have often thought that if I was someone who forgets to eat I would probably not have such a conflict of interests with my other great love affair of party frocks.

              1. never. never ever. ok ONCE, for an extended time, taking care of my sick/aging parents, moving them from O.C. to Bay Area, I used to just eat the crusts off my mom's toast, finish the eggs she couldn't, etc. but it's not like i forgot; i just momentarily got too busy to make something for myself. i still ate.

                1. I don't exactly "forget" to eat so much as put it off. I'll be in the middle of something (or, more likely, a list of somethings) and say to myself, I'll eat as soon as I finish whatever-it-is, then again and again, until I realize I haven't eaten in forever and I'm STARVING. (And usually there's lots of strong, black coffee involved, so I'm not only starving, but quite shaky and a little nauseous, besides.)

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                    That's exactly how it is with me. I go out to work in the yard ( 2 1/2 acres) and 5 hours later think "geez, I'm really hungry." Unfortunately, that's when I over eat.

                  2. I will sometimes put off taking a break to eat, but never forget to eat. I do occasionally forget to breath though. I guess that makes my priorities pretty clear.

                    1. I forget. It happens when I'm writing or painting, or, most especially, when the boyfriend isn't home. He goes out of town every other week, and those are the nights that I'll start feeling sleepy, and then suddenly glance at the clock and realize that it's after nine at night and I haven't eaten a thing. The realization comes with a wave of happiness, a giddy 'oooh, food!' moment, as if my dinner and I are running across an field of wildflowers toward each other, arms outstretched.

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                      1. I forget to eat when I'm engrossed in something or so busy that I can barely do anything other than what I have to do at that exact moment. This usually happens with schoolwork or other such related activities.

                        I also have ADD though and take medication for it, which is known to give you laser-pointer focus, so that might be part of it. I think it's also an appetite suppresent, but you wouldn't know it for me most days.

                        1. The only time I ever forget to eat is when I am totally immersed in cooking! Ironic!