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Aug 10, 2010 07:52 PM

Forgetting to eat

I. Never. "Forget." To Eat.

Eating, I fully admit, is the foremost thing on my mind, pretty much every waking second. I'm a food writer—but the obsession preceded the profession.

When people say they skipped a meal because they "forgot"—I just can't process that information.

If you're a forgetter, what absorbs you so? When you remember, what reminds you? Just curious.

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  1. I often forget when I'm in my studio painting. I usually start painting about ten in the morning when the house is empty and mean to stop by noon for lunch (and to give my back a break) but often find myself heading into the house at 2 or 3 looking for a late lunch.

    1. i've never forgotten to eat. i have been so engrossed in a project, artistic or otherwise, that the time has slipped away from me, and i don't notice until i'm very hungry

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        Yeah, I don't really totally forget to eat, but when I'm really focusing on work or a project, I don't really think about food until I'm very hungry. I can go eight or more hours without food as long as I have a cup of coffee next to me. That is unfortunate because then I don't plan meals and wind up choosing midless fast food.

      2. I forget to eat when ...

        ... I am sick

        ... I am preoccupied with work.

        ... I am preoccupied with [ahem] a significant other.

        1. When it's really hot and humid out. Especially if that is paired with some additional stress. Food becomes unappealing so I don't think about it until I feel cranky and lightheaded.

          1. I start planning for lunch as soon as I finish breakfast, and dinner as soon as I finish lunch. I assemble the ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast before I go to sleep. Forgetting to eat is, to me, unthinkable. I might intentionally skip a meal for whatever reason, but never forget one.

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              I'm right there with you RealMenJ... forgetting to eat is unthinkable for me. I always wonder too when I hear someone say that. I have NEVER forgotten to eat. Intentional skipping yes, forgetting no. It must be a gene that I don't have. Even if I'm totally engrossed in something I don't forget.