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Aug 10, 2010 07:44 PM

Scup's for brunch on Sunday

Not bad, but I expected better views from all the comments...the view outside is mostly of a dock area...better to grab lunch and head over to Piers Park nearby instead...or walk to the end of the longest dock.

One thing that isn't mentioned on their menu is that only the brunch stuff is available on Sunday...not the regular sandwiches. We tried the BLT (interesting part was the pesto sauce and cherry tomatoes and the thick bacon) and the french toast w/ strawberries (more fruit than I expected..see photo).

And to the weenie who dinged my fender w/ a green door...hope you get a nice ding the first week of buying your next new car. People just don't have respect for other people's property any more :-P

Scup's in the Harbor
256 Marginal Street, Building 16, East Boston, MA 02128

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  1. I agree that characterizing it as a "water view" is rather misleading, although there is some harbor visible from outside, and the HarborArts installations add a nice funkiness to the scene. Heading to Piers Park is a great idea, though you have to hide your mimosa from the MassPort police. And scarf down the millionaires bacon while it's still ripping hot.

    Sorry about your car. I was there on Sunday, but I didn't drive, so it wasn't me.

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    1. re: erwocky

      The view isn't great. I was disapointed by that when I was there recently. They plan to add some rooftop tables in the future, and I imagine the view from those will be pretty good.

      I did appreciate their small but solid beer list though.

    2. Do they allow dogs at this establishment?

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      1. re: NahantNative

        It is very dog friendly at the outside tables. We always bring both of our dogs and there are usually others there. Note that Piers Park does not allow dogs. We have greatly enjoyed the food and drinks everytime we have been. The owners and other diners have always been incredibly friendly.

      2. I strongly agree that the thing to do is get your food to go and head back to Piers Park to eat. I found the buildings around Scup's rather depressingly industrial, and the interior space a bit too self-consciously "look, we're quirky!" for my tastes.

        I fear this may be an unpopular opinion, but I also wasn't wowed by the food. The breakfast BLT I had lacked cohesion: it just seemed like a bunch of ingredients piled together with little thought. And the much-vaunted millionaires bacon just tasted like rather ordinary bacon with a ton of brown sugar and black pepper packed on top of it and very briefly run under a broiler. On most of the pieces I had, the brown sugar wasn't even melted.

        The drinks were good, and I feel like their hearts are in the right place, but I'm not anxious to go back.

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        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          I agree 100% with your assessment of the millionaire bacon. Overpowered by brown sugar and black pepper, not a whole lot of smoky bacon goodness.

          I did like the warm ham biscuit, though.

          1. re: Jenny Ondioline

            Ditto on the food. I was expecting some seafood options for a place on the water. On Sunday, they also serve only the brunch menu until 3pm (no sandwiches even though we got there at 12:30)...french toast seemed a bit pricey at $9 too. I didn't even try the millionaire bacon that people recommended once I saw on the menu that it was under the "reheated" section...reheated stuff isn't going to make it onto my chowish list :-P

            For views, I think the end of the marina pier near the entrance to that industrial area had a somewhat more scenic view of the boston harbor condos (that big archway)...and dogs are fine there. A few wedding photographers (carrying gripped Canon 5Ds) also had brunch at Scups and were location scouting I think.

            1. re: Spike

              "Reheated" section of the menu? Don't understand what you mean, unless they pre-cook the bacon and then throw it under a broiler with brown sugar to order. I for one love the millionaire's bacon, every time I've gotten it it's been hot with the brown sugar freshly melted and nearly caramelized, and I get smoky and spicy and sweet from it. But I suppose YMMV.

              I also very much like the venue both indoors and out. To me it is low-frills and funky in a "not trying too hard" sort of way. Funny how that can be so different for different people.

              For another water view aside from Piers Park, and dog-friendly, one can take the food and walk the other way out of the marina and around the harborwalk toward the Hyatt. Not much by way of seating, although there is a small pavilion halfway around with some tables (probably used by MassPort folks for lunch) and some tables at the T ferry. The Hyatt has some grassy area as well. Probably a 15 minute walk out to the end.

              1. re: erwocky

                It was listed in a part of the whiteboard that said something like "these aren't cooked to order but can be reheated at any time"....IIRC it included quiche?

                I'm guessing they do the broiler trick...that's be the only way to do it so it seems like it was just cooked (microwaving won't work).

                1. re: Spike

                  Gotcha, now I do remember seeing that. I've peeked back at the kitchen and seen them sprinkling brown sugar on the bacon, so they probably do the "broil-to-order".

                  BTW, I had the quiche last Sunday, and it was fantastic.

          2. I've been getting a big kick out of Thalia's (she's Scups' baker, etc) desserts lately, indulging in them for breakfast! Today it was a creamy pannetone with wonderful raspberry syrup..The other treat offered today was a double chocolate pudding, that I've loved on past occasions. Last week, a nectarine crumble with great whipped cream...Enjoy!