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Aug 10, 2010 07:31 PM

Downtown Fort Worth? What is worth eating?

I am going to be spending a lot of time in cowtown in the next 9 months. What is worth eating? Where? Cost is not an issue. Any type of cuisine is welcome. I don't need a recommendation to kincaids or TJ's. Please tell me about locations or individual dishes.

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  1. Lonesome Dove is outstanding. Fred's has excellent burgers. Grace is very fine dining. Kincaid's for great burgers. Longoria's for best BBQ.

    Lonesome Dove Western Bistro @ 2406 North Main St., Ft. Worth, TX 817 - 740 - 8810.
    Fred's Texas Cafe @ 915 Currie Street, Fort Worth, TX 817 - 332 - 0083.
    Grace @ 777 Main Street, Fort Worth, TX 817 - 877 - 3388.
    Kincaid's @ 4901 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 817 - 732 - 2881.
    Kincaid's @ 4825 Overton Ridge Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 817 - 370 - 6400.
    Longoria's BBQ @ 100 Christopher Drive, Ft.Worth, TX 817 - 568 -9494.

    1. Any particular part? n,e,s,w,downtown?

      1. DOWNTOWN. Do I need to specify what part of downtown? C'mon folks, good food in cowtown. Food carts? Hole in the wall joints? Un-named or underground "private" eating establishments? There has to be someplace interesting worth visiting in downtown cowtown.

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          Downtown does not have as much as you might think. Reata is a good upscale soutwestern style restaurant. There is a new southern cooking place in the Worthington I have not been to but the menu looks good. It is called Vidalia I think. Billy Miners has decent burgers in a bar type atmosphere. There are a couple of mexican places including Mi Cocina which I have never been to. The Flying Saucer is a big bar with food, there is a Riscky's BBQ which is ok,but not the best, a crab and seafood place whose name escapes me. Texas de Brazil is a good Brazilian steak house type place but will cost you at least $40. Del Frisco is a high end Texas style steakhouse that is close to to the convention center.

          My suggestions would be to check out the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's website and look at the restaurant section. I would also take a walk around downtown and check out what is there. Close to downtown is a Mexican Inn that is ok, some like it, some do not, I like it. I do not live in Fort Worth but travel there a couple of times a year. It is pretty easy to navigate if you have a car once you figure out the main highways and streets.

          Bigray in Ok

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            Yes, I saw "downtown" in your topic line, but then you mention Kincaids which is more than a stone's throw AWAY from "downtown". Since you seem to be enthralled with "cowtown", hit the stockyards.

          2. I've only had appetizers & cocktails at Reata, but I'm sure the entrees are very good as well. Lonesome Dove is in the Stockyards and Fred's is in the "7th St./Cultural District". Both are north of downtown but still really close. Even though I work in the Stockyards I still haven't tried Lonesome Dove but it sounds really good. I've eaten at Fred's and the "atmosphere" (or lack of it) may put you off. You definitely need to like beef at Fred's and I don't, but the dishes there really impressed my carnivour friends. I tasted the potatoes and the veggies and they were excellent, as well as the sauces. I actually tried calf fries for the very first time there and for a non-meat eater they were very good.

            I've heard really good things about Tillman's which is also in the 7th Street area, and I trust the people who have eaten there.

            Even though it is a chain, I like Blue Mesa which is on University just south of 30. I think I'm addicted to their sweet potato chips. Next Wednesday, August 18th, they are having a Hatch chili menu buffet. I've been wanting to try Hatch chilis so that sounds like a fun evening.

            Since moving to Fort Worth 2 1/2 years ago I've been concentrating more on just finding good sources for ingredients I can cook at home vs. restaurants. Finding decent food here in TX has been a constant nightmare for me. For example, today I just wanted a decent bean, rice and cheese burrito. I was between Weatherford & Granbury and three different Mexican restaurants couldn't comprehend that.

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              You seem to really have bad luck with your food days.

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                CocoaNut, I think that is an understatement!!! To top it off, I'm back with the boyfriend who likes Mac's!!! Go ahead and just shoot me!!!!

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                  B-7, admittedly, it's probably been AT LEAST 2 years, maybe 3, since I've been to Mac's, but since I live only a stone's throw away, you've roused my curiosity, so will likely have to venture in one Sunday before too long. Don't know why it's been so long because I really have always enjoyed their brunch. Am looking forward to J.R.'s Grill opening just north of Mac's. Even though J.R.s steakhouse doesn't do it for me, I have hopes for maybe a swanky little "grill" in the neighborhood. I'm looking forward to their opening - it HAS to be better than the previous 3 proprietors of that space!

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                    Yesterday had to endure breakfast at Dixie House. I ordered one pancake, no syrup. We (bf, his son & I) were the only patrons in the entire restaurant who were not morbidly obese.

            2. I love 3 Mexican restaurants close to downtown. Mexican Inn on Henderson Street. Don't know if there's still one right downtown. Hands down, the best corn tortillas I ever ate. They are so thin they literally melt in your mouth. I could make a meal just off the corn tortillas.
              Joe T. Garcia's - You have to go to Joe T's or you haven't experienced all of Ft. Worth. If it's warm be sure to sit outside. Have their standard dinner. Their margaritas pack a punch. They do NOT skimp on the tequila.

              Mercado Juarez - North Side Dr. - Love their chile rellenos.