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Aug 10, 2010 06:48 PM

caw caw creek pork

I read about this new purveyor in either Food and Wine or Bon Appetit several months ago. My father and I were thinking about going in for the quarter hog advertised on their site. Has anybody out there tried these guys yet? The pig is a relatively significant investment, and I'd like an idea if anyone has one if they live up to expectations. And I apologize if my grammar is off, it's been one of those days.

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  1. I'm not familiar with them, but I am familiar with Grateful Growers in Charlotte. If thats where you're located you might want to look into their offerings.

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    1. re: NCHound

      I actually have bought from them pretty regularly at the Matthews Farmer's Market. But you know how it is, shiny new toy in the curious.

    2. Hey there 'bill

      i'm in Columbia SC where Emil sells regularly at several local outlets (Rosewood Market and All-Local Farmers Market). I have some Caw-Caw sausage in the freezer as we speak. He does a great job, produces delicious meat and is a terrific guy. He's been a driving force behind developing markets and producers focused on local, fresh, healthy SC products - heck he even ran for SC Commisioner of Ag, 'Put Some State on Your Plate' was his theme. His farm is in Calhoun County SC.

      There's a nice article on Caw-Caw in the Food issue of Oxford American magazine (summer 2010) and if you Google Caw Caw or Emil De Felice, you'll read more. His hogs are well cared for and taste terrific. Maybe a good bet is to order a roast or some other cuts and see how you like it.

      I'm assuming you've been to the website - for others it's

      Glad to put in a word for a good person and good eating. Let us know what happens.


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        I appreciate the good word. I have seen the website, and liked what I read. Since you've done business with/talked with them before, what do you recommend as a sample of their product before going whole hog (it's a bad pun, but hey hehe)?

        1. re: Nocturnalbill

          Emil is a great guy. I've been by his storage facility and chatted with him a few times. Very accomodating fellow.

          Bacon and shoulder were my choices to start. Caw Caw Creek, what pork used to taste like.

          1. re: Cpt Wafer

            I was leaning shoulder (no I'm not from the Carolinas or anything), thanks for the recommendation.

      2. I had some Caw Caw Creek proscuitto several years back at a Slow Food Charlotte event. It was delicious. I don't believe Grateful Growers is curing meats yet, but their fresh sausage is excellent.