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Aug 10, 2010 06:05 PM

Chowfind: Big Chris BBQ & Smokehouse in Barrie

Stopped in at this place while getting lost going to Rona, and it was a huge hit. I put the details on Yelp, but the bottom line is I really liked the ribs, the fries are top notch, and the beans and cornbread are nothing to sneeze at either. For non-Barrie locals, this is an easy stop from the 400 during a cottage country commute, in-between Dunlop and Essa exits, take your choice.

The ribs were big, meaty, with a really nice sweetish sauce. The big surprise was the loads of smoke flavour coming off them. I hope no-one comes in here to say that's artificial, 'cause it tasted great! The pulled pork was also really good, with a similar smoky flavour, and it was not over-sauced as seems to be the norm.

Big Chris BBQ & Smokehouse
110 Anne St S, Barrie, ON , CA

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    I may have to try this. Baby back ribs though.


    1. I thought I was adding the link - weird interface on this site.

      Big Chris BBQ & Smokehouse
      110 Anne St S, Barrie, ON , CA

      1. Thanks for posting this. I was in Barrie yesterday and I seemed to recall this post so I googled it on my phone and found the name/address and checked it out yesterday for dinner.

        Friend had the pulled pork sandwich (the half sandwich, which was a huge portion). She really liked it but couldn't finish it (came with sides of fries, coleslaw and beans). I didn't really like coleslaw (seemed really "dry".. not much vinegar or creaminess). Personally, I wasn't a huge fan of the style of pulled pork.... It seemed more "shreddy" than I like. My preference is for what they serve at the Big Smoke in Oakville.

        On to the ribs, I got a half rack of the baby back (they were out of side). They were pretty good, enjoyed them but again I was STUFFED and could hardly finish the rack (and didn't manage to get through all the fries).

        The place is great value for the money. I would be back when in the area.

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          Anyone been up here lately? Still good? I am passing through Barrie tomorrow but unfortunately don't think I will be there while they are open (before 11am). However, I might be able to stop by on my way back on Sunday.

          Also when I was googling I found a spot called " Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings". Anyone tried it? Tried searching on here but didn't find any reviews or I missed them.

        2. +1 on this place

          RIBS = great
          BURGER = mediocre
          FRIES = good
          BEANS = delish

          VALUE = amazing

          So pleased to have found this place. Will return for sure. Thanks OP.

          NB - I tried the side ribs, not the BB.

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            We were all talking about this place at my work because I work at a place that sells bbq's and a customer told me about it. One guy went and tried it out. He loved it and the next day he brought left overs and everyone was admiring his

            You can also see Meredith Boxburger A.K.A "the deep fried diva" be the first person to ever win the dirty burger challenge on this link:


            The burger looks good but it would take me 3 days to eat

            1. re: C mac

              Thanks for the link...that's one amazing eater!

          2. Heading up through Barrie tomorrow, thinking of stopping at Big Chris again tomorrow night.

            Anyone been to both Big Bones and Big Chris's? Thinking of going to Big Bone's this time around (just noticed I mentioned it in my previous post)

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              Big Bone, if it's like the one in Newmarket, has something a little different--smoked wings!

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                I didn't get around to posting back here on this last trip. I ended up going to both Big Bones and Big Chris's... I think I prefered the ribs at Big Chris's but it took for EVER.. The staff was pretty apologetic about it but it seemed like they were under staffed for a Saturday night. I was just getting take out and the wait seemed for ever (I forget now but guessing was like 40 minutes). Hope that isn't normal especially when they weren't cooking it from scratch or anything.\