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Aug 10, 2010 05:53 PM

Ice Cream queries

i was in Montreal recently and came across two outstanding ice cream places-names both escape me right now, but the names are not important. both places had outstanding ice cream-the peach was uber peachy and creamy, the strawberry was really intense, and the coconut get the picture.
I've been making ice cream for years, and while mine is good, none have been as intense in both flavour and colour. Does anybody know how they can make the flavours so intense-while I can't?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I know what you mean about the intensity of the flavours. If one of those places was Havre Aux Glaces, you should have tried their chestnut ice cream. I tried to replicate it, but could not.

      But back to the fruit-based ones, and you can use this as a base. In The Cake Bible Rose Levy Beranbaum intensifies the flavour of raspberries by thawing out frozen raspberries and microwaving the juice till it is reduced. She prefers the microwave to the stovetop as she says that the stovetop tends to caramelize the juice. Another way to bring out the flavour is by the addition of a bit of lemon juice.

      I read somewhere recently on CH that the way to bring out the flavour of coconut is to toast; this is the same as what you do to almonds or any other nut.

      1. A little lemon can help.

        But of course, you have to start with the BEST peaches, the BEST strawberries. I hesitate to suggest something like adding a tablespoon of peach snapps, since the flavor is artificial... but you can.

        1. You can hull strawberries and let them air dry overnight to concentrate their flavor. However, I don't think this will bring you quite the intensity you are looking for. You'd probably have to up the fruit to dairy ratio and add some sort of stabilizer for texture to get a more intense flavor and color. Use a bit of salt too.

          1. I found David Lebovitz's book _The Perfect Scoop_ to have THE best ice cream I've ever tried. I've been to artisan places with lines out the door that don't compare, and all my friends agree.