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Aug 10, 2010 05:43 PM

Lakeway Restaurants

Looking around in the Lakeway area for some solid lunch restaurants, there doesn't seem to be much selection here. Places that we'll usually check out are, Two Hot Mamas, sometimes Flores, or Los Pinos if we head further up 620. Down 71 the only place that seems worth the trip is Jack Allen's Kitchen, which is great especially for happy hour.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably not too expensive.

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  1. There is a good chinese with Pao's Mandarin House (, in the other direction you have the organic coffee/sandwich shop Java Dive ( If you have time and continue on Bee Caves just turning left after The Galleria there is a new French bakery Baguette et Chocolat with good sandwiches, crepes and pastries (


    Pao's Mandarin House
    2300 Lohmans Spur, Lakeway, TX 78734

    Java Dive Cafe
    1607 Ranch Road 620 N, Lakeway, TX 78734

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      Thank you, I actually live closer toward the end of 620 so Pao's and Baguette el Chocolat are both close, and while I frequent Pao's I hadn't heard of Baguette el Chocolat, I'll check it out, both that and Java Dive sound great for lunch.

      Java Dive Cafe
      1607 Ranch Road 620 N, Lakeway, TX 78734

    2. Los Pinos is probably one of the better Mexican food places in the greater Austin area. Chile relleno is very good, tacos are a great cheap lunch (pastor and fajita being my fav) enchiladas are quite good too. The salsa is super-garlic punched, but very, very good.

      1. Artisan Bistro has really good baked goods and food - foie gras, escargot, duck confit etc...

        1. The Pizza Place in the Hill Country Galleria (Tony C.'s?) is some of the best pizza in town. They have slices at lunch, too.

          1. I am with amysuehere, los pinos is worth our 25 min. drive from central austin twice a month. i get a serious craving for the posole, the best I've found anywere. tender pork chunks swimming in a delicate red broth colored by achiote paste (i assume) and garnished with oregano, cilantro, and onions. yummmm. pair that with a taco on their HOMEMADE corn tortillas (the grilled shrimp is the bomb) and you have a 7 dollar meal that's hard to beat. especially in the winter.

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              Another one here for Los Pinos. I found it thanks to something amysue said about the salsa awhile back, and what a great little place! I like how friendly the staff was, helping each other keep drinks filled and taking care of everyone while acting like they like their jobs. And their salsa rocks!

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                I went to a benefit for Superhero Kids (for kids and their families dealing with cancer and blood disorders) a few days ago. The food was from Los Pinos and was really very good. I'll be planning a visti with as many friends as I can manage, Salsa, quesadillas, etc. had lots of flavor. LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

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                  They actually sell that salsa to go in pint and quart containers. It's awesome for parties.

                  1. re: wayoutwestaustin

                    Stopped by the boat yesterday (didn't rain out there, apparently, like it did at my house) and picked up a pint and we're already half-way through it...stuff is garlicy-goodness!