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Aug 10, 2010 05:42 PM

How do you stretch bacon fat?

I have a recipe that calls for frying something in bacon fat, but after cooking a pound of regular (not low fat or low sodium) bacon, I don't have nearly enough fat to fry everything. What is the best way to stretch it? Crisco, vegetable oil or butter? I don't have time to run out and buy another pound of bacon. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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      1. When I saw the title of this thread I could not help but think, "Very carefully".

        1. For frying in large amounts of fat, butter isn't a good choice as it burns as it heats up - if you use butter, clarify it first.

          Otherwise, I'd go with Crisco.

          1. Frying as in sauteeing, or frying as in deep-frying?

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            1. re: eight_inch_pestle

              That was my question -- which is key.

              When the OP says frying, does she mean pan-frying (or sauteeing) or does she mean frying in a deep-fryer.

              If the former than a bit of butter will do just fine.

              If you are deep-frying, however, butter is a bad substitute. It's not idea for frying since it will burn at a lower temperature than most oils. I would just go for something with a high smoke point like corn or peanut oil.