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Aug 10, 2010 05:31 PM

Where to find batata baroa or mandioquinha?

Hi folks -- does anyone know where I can find batata baroa, also known as mandioquinha? It is a brazilian root vegetable that looks something like a fat, yellowish parsnip and tastes like a cross between a yukon gold potato and a parsnip.


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  1. You might find it in the frozen foods section of Latin grocery stores under its Colombian name, arracacha.

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      Thanks nestorius -- have you tried cooking with the frozen kind before? What is the taste/texture like in comparison to the fresh?

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        Well, I have used the frozen variety only to make "sancocho", a Caribbean stew of root vegetables and the meat, poultry or fish of your choice. It works for that purpose. In Venezuela it is called "apio criollo" (creole celery, perhaps for its similarity to celery-root) and is usually boiled. I have had it as a fried pasty and as a sweet spread ("marmalade") in Colombia, but I have not tried these dishes with the frozen variety.

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      1. Batata baroa is Brazilian only in name. The root is from the Andes and the name is Arracacha Zhanthorhiza.
        not easily found outside Latin America.

        1. You might call Mi Tierra in Berkeley, they have a fairly good selection of Brazilian stuff I've rarely seen elsewhere.

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